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12 effective methods to keep rodents away from your home

12 effective methods to keep rodents away from your home
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Nobody wants to be face to face with a mouse, a field mouse or worse, a rat!

So if you already use mousetraps, we have tips to help you use it better. On the other hand, if you find it cruel and you prefer to keep these small rodents away from your home without hurting them, we have 11 tips for you! We have 12 effective methods to keep rodents away from your home.

Here are 12 ways to keep the rodents away from your home: Rat, mouse, etc.:

1) Baking soda:

It is not good for small rodents like mice, field mice or rats to consume baking soda. Then sprinkle some baking soda where you see mouse droppings, to keep them away from home.


2) How to properly use a mousetrap and what to put as bait:

a) How to place mousetraps:

To make sure you trap a mouse, place the mousetrap along a wall. A mouse always runs along a wall and rather than bypassing an object, it will climb on it, especially if it sees a bait on top.

Then increase your chances by adding more than one mousetrap along this wall and changing bait in the mousetraps. You can add chocolate, some Nutella or dried fruit to distract and destabilize the rodent.

b) Other kinds of baits:

Cotton balls and feathers are good baits for mousetraps. They use these to make their nests.


3) Block the mouse holes:

The best way is to block the mouse holes with plaster or replace a broken baseboard. But while waiting to do the work, a steel wool will be perfect to block the hole.


4) The peppermint essential oil:

This is one of the most well-known mice repellents and is also the most effective. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and place them where you see traces of mice or excrement of field mice or rats.


5) Mouse holes in your garden:

Check around your house to see if there are mouse holes, if so, fill them with gravel.


6) Materials in the garden:

Remove stack of wood, or pile of newspapers, or pile of rubbish or any pile where mice might be tempted to hide.


7) Cat litter:

A litter naturally has a strong smell of cat pee. And the mice, rats and field mice panic when they smell that. So do not be surprised if you see mice coming out from everywhere by placing a litter near the spot where you think you’ve seen mice.


8) Cloves:

Rodents can’t support the strong smell of cloves! So add cloves where you see mouse droppings to chase them away.


9) Adopt a cat:

Cats love to hunt! If your house has one or two little mice, your cat will be very, very happy!


10) The moth balls:

Rodent does not like the smell of moth balls! Place them where you see mouse droppings and change the moth balls regularly.


11) Dryer sheet:

Some dryer sheet brands have a very strong odour. And these sheets make mice, field mice and rats suffocate. Find the strongest scents in the popular brands available in your supermarkets and place them where you see rodent excrement to repel them.


12) Keep the house clean:

Mice, field mice and rats are attracted by food, crumbs and even pet food. So be careful and don’t let anything.

Also, make sure all the food in your pantry is stored in airtight containers.


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