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12 Elf on the Shelf funny ideas to make the whole family laugh.

12 Elf on the Shelf funny ideas to make the whole family laugh.
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December is already underway, and if an Elf has made its way in your home, it might take a little help to surprise your family in original ways every day until Christmas. Especially since this year, this period is not the easiest ... We must add as much magic as possible into our homes!

To inspire you, here are 12 charming ideas! Enough to draw big smiles in small and big family members every morning of December!

So what will your prankster friend do tomorrow?

1. The elf locked outside

Just stick the Elf on the outside of your door and write a help message. 


2. Inside an igloo 

Northern elves will love this kind of cozy shelter in your home. You can make an easy igloo using cotton wool or marshmallows and place him inside. 


3. Elf on his high tower

Toilet paper is a classic symbol of 2020! Children will be smiling for their first wee in the morning!


4. A message on the toilet

Some encouragement words written on the toilet or the mirror (with an erasable marker!) !


5. The elves are making chips. 

Poor Mr. Potato!


6. A little relaxation in a marshmallow spa

It's tiring, playing tricks most of the month of December!


7. A call for generosity

Leave a basket near the elf, with a message asking to put toys that your children no longer play with so he (truly you) can distribute them to other children. An example of sharing which will also de-clutter the house!


8. The greedy Elf

Another great classic! 


9. Elf misses the cold of the North Pole

A little nap in the fridge and all is well!


10. Elf got in trouble!

Children will be happy to release it!


11. A little door for elves

Put a little magic door somewhere in the house! An extra touch of magic!


12. A treasure hunt

Elves love to play. So yours can organize a Christmas cane hunt!


Do you have an Elf at home this year? Where did they hide? 

Source: Pinterest · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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