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12 great ideas to use leftover yarn.

12 great ideas to use leftover yarn.
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If you pulled out your balls of yarn to knit winter accessories or try to kill some time, you probably have a few leftovers from knitting projects! 

Here are 12 ideas that can be made using leftover yarn. 

1. Pompoms Mobile

Beautiful in a nursery! It really adds a relaxing effect to any room. 

2. Cupcakes garlands

Use muffin liners and pompoms to create this beautiful garland! Beautiful for a birthday or in a kids room. 

3. Handbag embellishment 

 Add a nice touch of color to your dark handbag with these beautiful key rings!

4. Make a nice feather

You can hang these beautiful handmade feathers or add them to other creations.

5. Earmuffs

Very trendy, earmuffs are ideal on very cold days. And it requires less yarn than a regular hat.

6. Nursery Decor

This pom-pom cloud will be ideal in a nursery room. Absolutely beautiful!

7. Dream catcher

Making your own dream catcher is an activity that you can do alone or with your kids! 

8. Chair Socks

Here's a cute idea to avoid scratches on the parquet and the terrible noise of the chair squeaking on the tiles! 

9. Small Rug

Another little idea to decorate your child's room. This pompom rug is too adorable!

10. Beautiful Wreath

You can create a timeless wreath! Or use colors according to the season!

11. Colorful letters

Here's a great idea to keep the kids busy on a winter day! Depending on your kids age, there is so many activities you can do with letters!

12. Pretty unicorn

A roll of toilet paper, paint and yarn, and you have yourself a cute unicorn! 

Which one is your favourite?

Source: Des Idees · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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