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12 magical ideas to decorate your garden for the Holidays.

12 magical ideas to decorate your garden for the Holidays.
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As the holiday season approaches, we hurry to decorate the house with a Christmas tree, string lights on the windows and an a wreath on the door. But sometimes we forget that our garden also deserves a little magic! Why not add a few Christmas decorations to that part of our house?  

Here are 12 ideas, one of them will surely inspire you!

1. Light Path

It will help Santa find your house! 


2.  LED Branches

What a beautiful way to decorate the front porch. 


3. Plants 

If you have plants that are resistant to cold and winter - don't forget to decorate them!


4. Christmas Teepee 

Don't forget the star at the top!


5. Magic Ladder 

Lay a ladder on the side of the house and decorate it with a string of lights. The result is superb! 


6. Luminous Entrance

The more the better! 


7. Garlands

We can't forget about garlands, they are a great classic for a reason!


8. Garden Bench

What a lovely spot to enjoy hot cocoa! 


9. Christmas Lanterns

You can decorate any tree your already have in the backyard. 


10. Fairy Lights

Adding lights to the exterior truly makes the house look magical!


11. Christmas creche

A classic you can keep many years. 


12. Lights, lights and more lights!

There is no rule for the holidays!


What do you think? When will you start decorating?

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Buzz Ultra

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