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12 natural ways to fight against garden parasites.

12 natural ways to fight against garden parasites.
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Are you starting your seeds anytime soon or you are perhaps already done? You are working hard on your garden, so don't let the parasites ruin everything! These 12 tricks are natural and effective to get rid of unwanted insects in the garden. 

1. Olive oil

Spray a mixture of olive oil and water on the plants to keep aphids (insects) away. This solution will also "feed" the plants. Do not use this mixture in hot weather (over 30 °C/86°F).

2. Nettle

Infuse nettle leaves and spray the solution on the leaves of your plants to chase away aphids.

3. Garlic

Get rid of aphids, whiteflies and other small insects by spraying this garlic solution above and below the leaves: Infuse 10 cloves of chopped garlic in 700 ml of hot water, then add a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a few drops of dish soap. Pour the mixture in a a spray bottle and you're done!

4. Coffee grounds

Sprinkle coffee grounds at the base of the plants to keep snails, slugs, ants and other crawling insects away.

5. Beer

Place a small container filled with beer near plants threatened by slugs and snails. They get in and drown, you will need to change the beer every other day.

6. Citrus peel

Infuse citrus peels in boiling water, strain and place in a spray bottle. Spray all over the leaves to ward off or kill the aphids already present. Repeat  every 4 to 7 days.

7. Sulfur and lime

Spray sulfur or lime on fruit trees and shrubs as well as roses to fight fungi. Do not use when temperatures exceed 32°C.

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8. Black soap

Spray a solution of water (1 liter) and black soap (30 grams) on plants attacked by aphids and red spiders.

9. Rubbing alcohol

To control aphids and mealybugs, spray a solution of 250 ml of water and 250 ml of rubbing alcohol on the leaves. Repeat the application 3 times, every other day. You can test on a single leaf first, to make sure there are no reactions (browning or yellowing of the leaf).

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10. Baking soda

To control plant pests and fungi, spray a solution of one liter of water, 10 to 20 grams of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

11. Ladybugs

Aside from being cute, ladybugs eat aphids. Buy ladybug larvae from your garden center and place them in your garden.

12. Tobacco

To keep aphids away from flowers, soak cigarettes (a packet) in water for 24 hours, filter and sprinkle the flowers with this water.

Have fun gardening this summer!

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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