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12 parenting tips to make your life with baby easier!

12 parenting tips to make your life with baby easier!
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Let's be honest, parenting is hard! Especially with the first baby. That is why we selected these 12 hacks that will help you with baby!

1. Remove stubborn stains with a mixture made of dish soap and detergent.

Photo : My Life in Pink

2. Clean and sanitize baby bottles with baking soda, soap and boiling water.

Photo : HomeTalk

3. Cut baby's nails when they are asleep.

Photo : Semi Delicate Balance

4. Mark the bottle of medication taken so you don't miss a day!

Photo : Landeeseelandeedo

5. Hide electrical cables in a plastic box.

Photo : Tigers Cu Blog

6. Use a laundry basket as baby's bath.

Photo : Happy Home Fairy

7. Avoid slamming doors with a foam noodle.

Photo : Muslin and Merlot

9. Use clothespins to hang small baby clothes.

Photo : Two Twenty One

10. Create a baby play area with an inflatable pool.

Photo : Pinterest

11. Leave several pacifiers in baby's crib, so if baby loses their pacifier, they can easily find another one!

Photo : Facebook

12. Wash baby's toys in a laundry net.

Photo: Gettin BY

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Guide Astuces

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