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12 things to know about lilac!

12 things to know about lilac!
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Lilac is a wonderful flower. It smells divinely good, it is pretty and grows almost everywhere. But do you know everything about this beautiful flower? 

Here is some interesting information about this shrub/tree, which can grow up to over 5 meters tall, as well as ways to use it daily.

1. Lilacs only flower for about three weeks in the spring.
2. But some varieties, such as Josée or Boomerang, can flower several times during a year!
3. Former US President Thomas Jefferson loved lilacs and he talked about it in his gardening book.
4. Some varieties of lilac can survive temperatures down to -60 ° F (-51 ° C).
5. If you want a large lilac bush, trim it less often. But be sure to cut them at least once a year.
6. There are over 1,000 varieties of lilac

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7. Lilacs belong to the oleaceae family.

8. The flowers are edible. (And excellent in cocktails!)

9. In the language of flowers, purple lilacs are the symbol of first love.

10. The lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire, US. 

11. The lilac Syringa reticulata, can reach a height of 25 feet (7.62 meters).

12. Purple lilacs are the most fragrant on a hot, sunny day.

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The benefits of lilac: salad and herbal tea


Lilac is edible, so you can use its flowers (after washing them) to add a touch of original color to your salads.

In addition to adding cheerfulness to your entrees, you make your guests happy, because lilac is a euphoric.

However, it should not be abused because this flower has laxative and anticoagulant qualities.

You can also add a little lilac in your morning granola yogurt!

Note: There are food supplements in capsules, useful as part of a diet. The summer lilac would also have a positive effect against diabetes.

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Herbal tea

You can make a herbal tea with lilac flowers: just throw a bunch of it in boiling water and let it steep.

You will benefit from a drink that helps reduce hypertension.

Note: in this form, lilac has soothing properties. This herbal tea is therefore ideal before going to bed!

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Benefits of lilac in massage oil and fragrance

As massage oil

Here is the recipe for a massage oil if you suffer from pain related to osteoarthritis or sciatica:

1. Soak lilac flowers and leaves in your favourite oil for a month. You can use sweet almond, olive or argan oil. (Put your jar in the sun, if possible).

2. Filter the mixture with a sieve or a coffee filter and rub the painful area twice a day.

Note: you can also add drops of lavender or thyme essential oil; they will also help fight rheumatism.

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As perfume

Lilac is also used in perfumery, in the form of body or ambient perfume (in spray, diffusers, candles…)

If you want to enjoy its good smell for your home, do not hesitate to place pretty bouquets in the room.

Be careful not to abuse it. The smell of lilac is stubborn and could bother some family members.

Note: Some people claim that lilacs help bring down the fever, but no evidence has yet been published.

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Do you like lilac? What is your favourite flower?

Source: Country Living · Photo Credit: Unsplash - Brandon Green

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