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12 things you can do with your coffee, other than drink it

12 things you can do with your coffee, other than drink it
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Millions of people around the world prefer coffee to any other drink, hot or cold. But what is even more impressive is the number of possible uses of this drink, besides its consumption. And some of them don't even have anything to do with cooking!

Take a look at this list:

1. A deodorant for the hands

Who can resist the magic smell of fresh coffee? So why not try coffee as a deodorant for your hands? Use coffee grounds to remove the smell of garlic or onion left on your hands after preparing your recipes. Rub well and rinse with water. Your hands will now smell better!

2. Flea treatment

Your dog can also benefit from coffee grounds! Thanks to its strong smell, coffee can act as a homemade treatment to repel fleas and keep them away from your pet.

After giving your dog a bath, rub him or her with leftover brewed coffee. This will prevent your dog from smelling like wet dog.


3. Hair treatment

Coffee has a number of beauty uses. You can try it on your skin, and it also works on your hair.

Not only does it make your hair shiny, but caffeine is also an excellent remedy for hair loss because it stimulates hair growth and makes it soft and nourished.

Here is the procedure to use coffee as a hair care product:

  1. Prepare coffee (a quantity that will cover all your hair).
  2. Let cool, then apply on your hair. Massage the scalp in circular motions.

3. Allow to act for about 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

You can use this treatment once a week.

4. A body scrub

Coffee is an excellent natural exfoliator that helps remove dead skin cells.

You can prepare your own exfoliating treatment by mixing ground coffee (already used or fresh) with a little olive oil. Use the scrub on the areas of your body that you want to exfoliate. Leave on for about 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.


5. A product for polishing wood

Coffee is very useful for making your wooden furniture shiny and clean.

Instead of throwing away the rest of your coffee, let it cool down and, using a cloth, rub the surface of your favorite piece of furniture. It will be brighter ... and will feel good!

6. A fertilizer for the garden

Coffee can enrich and nourish the soil of your garden with nitrogen. It can be used to make compost, but make sure the amount of coffee does not exceed 20%. Otherwise, the compost would be too concentrated with coffee and it would harm the garden. Keep in mind the recommended ratio and mix the coffee with compost. It can also be used in your potted plants.

7. Anti-cellulite cream

The majority of over-the-counter anti-cellulite creams have one common ingredient: caffeine. The problem is that they are very expensive, so if you drink coffee at home, why not make good use of your leftovers?

You can make your own anti-cellulite treatment by mixing leftover coffee and coconut oil. Apply to the affected area and massage in circular motions for a few minutes. Rinse with water.

This is an economical way to solve your problem and recycle your coffee.

8. A deodorizer for the refrigerator

Some foods can leave very unpleasant and persistent odors in the fridge.

The coffee effectively fights unpleasant odors in the fridge just as it eliminates the odors from your hands.

Place a cup of coffee leftovers in the refrigerator. The coffee will absorb strong odors and your problem will be solved!


9. A mask for the face

Coffee has a number of benefits for the skin.

Coffee grounds remove dead skin cells and provide anti-wrinkle effect thanks to their antioxidant content. Coffee is one of the best products for your skin. You can use it directly on your face or try it in different masks.

This one, for example:

Add 1 teaspoon (5 g) baking soda to the ground coffee (enough to cover your face);

Mix the ingredients;

Apply on the face

Leave on for 20 minutes and wash with warm water. Apply a moisturizer after the procedure. You will notice the results right away!

This mask also provides the benefits from baking soda, which effectively cleanses oily skin.


10. A repellent for cats

If you have a garden or a terrace, you have certainly been visited by a cat at least once. These visitors like to urinate on your plants ...

Coffee is an option you can use to scare them away without harming them. Most cats do not tolerate the strong smell of coffee, especially not on their usual routes. Just leave a little ground coffee mixed with citrus peels in strategic places and cats will avoid your garden.

11. An air freshener

If you can not stand the smell of your new deodorizer or simply do not want to fill your home with chemicals, turn to the coffee as a natural air freshener. If it works with refrigerators, it will work with your living room too!

Put dry used coffee grounds in a nylon stocking that you no longer use and place it in the room you want to refresh. You can do the same for your car or your wardrobe.

12. A decorative element

Don't you find coffee beans pretty? Not to mention that the smell of fresh coffee gives most people a sense of well-being!

Coffee beans are often used as a decorative element. Give free rein to your creativity and imagination. You can also try this idea:

Take a clear bottle that you find pretty and fill it with coffee beans.

Place the bottle somewhere on a piece of furniture and you will have a beautifully creative deign deocration in your home.


Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Pixabay

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