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13 adorable pictures of very rare animal babies.

13 adorable pictures of very rare animal babies.
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1. A mommy hedgehog and her babies.

2. A baby pudú - the world's smallest deer.

3. A baby Cingulata - part of the armadillo family.

4. Look at these Sugar Gliders! They are baby possums.

5. Have you ever seen a baby anteater?

6. Hawwwwwk! A baby falcon.

7. A cute little baby quoll - a marsupial from Australia.

8. A baby tapir - a pig-like animal from South and Central America.

9. A shy baby Meerkat!

Photo : Twitter @mamekoro51

10. An octopus baby. 

11. Two babies Platypus.

12. A baby polar bear!

13. So cute - a baby sloth.

How many of these babies did you see before? They are all so cute!

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Bright Side

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