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13 photos showing things parents used to do that would be frowned upon today

13 photos showing things parents used to do that would be frowned upon today
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How many times have we heard as a joke that children were much less looked after back in the day?

You probably saw one of your childhood photos where you were with your parents, doing something that would be considered totally dangerous today. It seems parents did not have the same notion of security back then!

While some believe that children are being overly coddled today, we must admit that some knowledge about health and safety was missing in the past.

Parenting has changed dramatically over time. Most parents would not even dare to think about some of the things you will see in the pictures below!

1. Picnicking at the park

Image source: Reddit

Getting ready for a picnic was nothing complicated. And once they were there, parents did not have to worry about all kinds of potential dangers for their kids like today!

2. Ice skating

Image source:Reddit

Today, toddlers can skate if they are well protected! In the 1930s, it was quite different. You would never see such a thing at the ice rink nowadays!

3. The cigarette

Image source:Reddit

Who does not remember taking a picture pretending to smoke next to their parents? Smoking was "cool" at the time, but today's parents know how harmful this is and do not want to negatively influence their children.

4. Birthday sparklers

Image source:Reddit

They were essential to any party cake and any outdoor event. Today, we would not let a baby come so close.

5. Family photos with dubious undertones

Image source:Reddit

Let's just say that no professional photographer would accept such a thing now.

6. Taking a car ride

Image source:Reddit

In addition to the baby seats that were not very developed, most older children were not even buckled up... or they just hung out in the trunk of the family "station wagon". A bygone era!

7. Alcoholic drinks

Image source:Reddit

The parent who let their child taste their beer so passionately would have been scolded if such a scene had occurred today.

8. Riding motorbikes

Image source:Shorpy

Motorcycle safety rules were a bit different ... not to say downright non-existent!

9. Chairlifts

Image source:Reddit

Who needs a belt or a safety barrier when you have mom's arm?

10. Swimming time

Image source:Reddit

It is not clear if these gentlemen are trying to teach the children to swim or if they are trying to fish them!

11. Festivals and Outdoor Activities

Image source:Reddit

This photo was taken during the 1970s in California, during a rally organized as part of an activity about ... marijuana. In addition to bringing their baby to a place where people smoked illicit substances, they kept him or her "safe" in a cardboard box. Other times, other ways!

12. Bars and drinking places

Image source:Reddit

The babysitter can't come to watch the baby? Never mind, parents are still spending some time at the bar. Let's just say that laws have changed since then!

13. Cycling acrobatics

Image source: Instagram / therealabv

That parent decided to improvise a platform for their child's acrobatics. We don't see things like that anymore!

And you, what do you keep as a "dangerous" or "inappropriate" memory of your childhood?

Source: · Photo Credit: Reddit

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