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13 plants that repel mosquitoes and that you should have at home

13 plants that repel mosquitoes and that you should have at home
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Nature is well made. It has everything you need for a multitude of needs. Including, the need of keeping mosquitoes away!

So, instead of buying chemicals to stop these bugs from biting you, choose one of these common indoor or outdoor plants.

For extra protection, try rubbing the oils of plants onto your skin.

1. Lavender

A whiff of lavender always sends a positive wave of energy throughout my body.

Mosquitoes don't like this pleasant aroma. Rub the plant onto your skin to release the oils and mosquitoes will stay away from you.


2. The basil

Herbs such as basil are perfect in your cooking recipes, but also to protect you from invaders!

You do not need to rub it on your skin because it has a strong smell. Place a jar near your door or window for protection.


3. Catnip

Some studies have shown that catnip is much more effective than DEET, a common chemical found in commercial mosquito repellent.

Catnip contains an organic compound known as nepetalactone, which is what attracts cats but repels insects.


4. Garlic

We are not talking here about eating garlic in order to repel the mosquitoes with a bad breath.

The strong smell lingers wherever the garlic is planted and you can use the cloves for your recipes, as a bonus!

Also, eating garlic is supposed to make your blood circulation less tasty for mosquitoes.


5. Mint

Mint is another herb that has a lot of uses in the kitchen. It is very easy to grow mint and it grows really well.

The strong smell is pleasant to the human nose, but the mosquitoes cannot stand it. Just rub the leaves to release its smell, you do not even need to pick them except for the Mojitos!


6. Lemongrass

The distinct smell of Lemongrass is so effective in repelling mosquitoes that it is used as a natural ingredient in many mosquito repellents.

Some botanical gardens use this lemon-scented plant for this reason.

It may not be the most beautiful plant, but it requires low maintenance and is very practical to avoid mosquito bites!

Make sure you avoid plants that are marketed as "citronella scented". They are not as effective at keeping mosquitoes away as the real plant.


7. The marigold

The beautiful flowers of marigold contain pyrethrum, an element also used in commercial insect repellents.

Studies have shown that this natural ingredient is as effective, or even more effective, than DEET.

Keep these plants near windows or near the front door of your home for maximum protection.


8. Rosemary

Rosemary is the perfect incense for campfires! Throw them in the fire to create a pleasant odor while also deterring mosquitoes.

The aroma also repels disease-carrying insects and detoxifies the house.

Keep in mind, this herb needs a good amount of sun to flower.


9. Geranium

There are different varieties of geraniums, which release specific scents. But the one that's effective in repelling mosquitoes is lemon-scented.

But if you have a dog, choose another mosquito-repelling plant, because geraniums are toxic for your furry friend.


10. The floss flower

The floss flower is also known as ageratum. It has an odor that repels mosquitoes.

One of its components, the coumarin, can also be found in commercial mosquito repellents.

This plant attracts beautiful butterflies, but repels all insects that damage your plants and bite you.


11. The citrosum

Also called "mosquito plant", citrosum is just as effective as lemongrass for repelling blood-sucking insects.

You must crush the leaves and put them in your pocket or rub them onto your skin to keep the bugs away.

The Flower Pot Nursery

12. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil repels all kinds of critters, including mosquitoes and ticks.

Dab a few drops of this essential oil onto your skin before going out to repel the mosquitoes and keep a plant in the house to make it less inviting for them.


13. Bergamot

Bergamot has a strong odor that prevents mosquitoes from biting you.

The aroma disturbs them so much that they will stay away from your garden.

This plant attracts butterflies, but also bees. If you have an allergy to bees, choose another plant from this list.


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