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15 baby names that are illegal in some countries.

15 baby names that are illegal in some countries.
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Nowadays, it is almost normal to see unusual baby names. All it takes is one TV show or one celebrity to name their child in an original way, and many other parents will follow the trend. But, depending on the country where you live, you don't necessarily have all the freedom you want when it comes to filling out the birth certificate. Some government’s rules can prevent Mom and Dad from being as creative as they would like. 

Check out these 15 forbidden names, would you name your baby any of these names?

1. Nutella - banned in France


If you are crazy about the famous chocolate spread, you should know that  you cannot use its name to name your precious bundle of joy if you live in France.

Two years ago, a French couple wanted to name their daughter Nutella because they hoped the baby would inherit the sweetness and popularity of this product.

But a judge decided otherwise, saying that this "first name" could only lead to "mockery and derogatory remarks". The parents therefore opted for a more conventional first name: Ella.

2. Gesher - Prohibited in Norway

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Norway is a country which regulates the first names that parents can give to their children. And some rules are tough.

A Norwegian mother was sent to jail after failing to pay the $420 fine for using an unapproved name.She named her baby Gesher, which means "bridge" in Hebrew. She protested, saying that she was ordered to name her son Gesher in a dream!

3. Mona Lisa - Banned in Portugal


Art lovers, beware. If you want to name your little girl after the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, you can't live in Portugal. You can use the name "Mona" instead.

4. Akuma - Forbidden in Japan

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Japanese parents who wanted to name their baby Akuma, which means "devil" in their native language, stirred up such a frenzy that even even the Prime Minister's office was echoed. The first name "devil" eventually became illegal in Japan.

5. @ - Forbidden in China

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Like many countries around the world, China does not allow the inclusion of symbols and numbers in baby names. The @ symbol is pronounced "ai-ta" in Chinese, which looks like a phrase meaning "love it". A couple felt the symbol was an appropriate name for their son, but the Chinese government disagreed.

6. Facebook - Banned in Mexico

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While many Millennials may like the name, the Mexican government disagrees. The law of this country states that one cannot bear the name of a major product or company.

7. Venerdi - Forbidden in Italy

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When a couple tried to name their baby Venerdi, meaning Friday in Italian, the government rejected the name because it was "likely to limit social interactions and create insecurity." Parents were forced to change their first names, but in response they threatened to name their next child Mercoledi, the Italian word for Wednesday.

8. Metallica - Forbidden in Sweden

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The Swedes apparently do not like heavy metal music. Although a Swedish baby girl was baptized with this name, it prompted local authorities to ultimately deem it inappropriate.

9. Linda - Banned in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia, which, in 2014, published its own list of banned baby names. Several of them, like “Linda”, are ungodly because they are too associated with Western culture.

10. Robocop - Banned in Mexico


We do not know all the details about this ban, but it is assumed that the country wanted to protect the baby from mockery ...

11. Apple - Banned in Germany

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Don't tell Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, but the name of their first daughter is not legal in Germany. Why? Because of a law that prevents parents from giving their children the name of a product or business.

12. Monkey - Banned in Denmark

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Denmark is another country that requires parents to choose the names of their babies from a pre-approved list. Parents need government permission to choose from the list of 7,000 first names that are on this list and each year about 250 are rejected. In addition to Monkey, the names Pluto and Anus were also not accepted.

13. Strawberry - Forbidden in France

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When a couple tried to give their child the first name of Fraise (Strawberry in French), the courts intervened. The judge said the fruity first name would cause teasing because of its connection to the idiomatic phrase "bring back your strawberry", which means "put your butt here". The parents insisted that they were only trying to give their daughter an original name and eventually went with a different variation, "Fraisine".

14. Nirvana - Forbidden in Portugal


Portugal has 80 pages devoted to the list of legal and illegal names. Among the rejected first names, there is Nirvana, which is one of the 2,000 first names refused in this country.

15. Sarah (with an h) - Forbidden in Morocco

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This first name, however very popular all over the planet, does not appear on the Moroccan list of acceptable first names, because it does not correspond to "the Moroccan identity". The first name Sarah with an "H" is prohibited because it corresponds to the Hebrew spelling, but the Arabic version "Sara" is accepted.

How did your name your baby?

Source: TipHero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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