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15 beautiful manicures that you can do at home

15 beautiful manicures that you can do at home
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When we have our nails done every two or three weeks, we start to run out of ideas.

And after having gone through all the colors from the small nail pallets, we quickly get tired of sequins. The bling is not for everyone either...

So, what are we left with?

Have you ever admired artists who create exceptional small pieces of art on fingernails?

Because that really is pretty much the case. Some, and I must really mention that these people are far only being women, many men have also mastered this art of styling nails with a fine paint brush in spectacular ways!

Watching them paint in the video below is astounding to say the least, they make it look so easy! So easy that one might ask themselves: wait a minute...maybe I can do this too!

Well, as it so happens, anyone can achieve this, all you need to do is practice!

Want to know more about the methods they use? See as follows:

-First, they always work with excellent quality nail polish. Nothing that comes from the Dollar stores, and nothing expired either.

-You will also notice that to achieve nails as beautiful as these, they apply many layers of nail polish, for each step, in order to be able to manœuvre the colors so easily.

-They also work quickly, so that the varnish does not have time to dry between stages. It therefore becomes easier to mix colors to create patterns.

-They also use specialized tools for nail coloring. These kinds of accessories are found in specialty shops that supply materials to those who work in this field and on the Internet.

-And finally, they always apply two coats of clear varnish at the end of their coloring to protect the beautiful works of art they have just created. It would be a shame to damage such beautiful nails within 2 days after so much effort.

So, do you think you could try your luck and succeed with a little practice? Go for it! Just remember that they too had to start with their first try. Also, they weren't always so incredibly talented. The secrets are: practice and perseverance!

But at least try! And, if you do not succeed right away, you can ask for some tips from the person who usually does your nails!

On video:

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Source: MetDaanCreative · Photo Credit: MetDaanCreative

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