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15 “beauty transformation” that did not give the expected results!

15 “beauty transformation” that did not give the expected results!
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Hair, manicure, makeup... Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, the best ideas and a lot of effort, the results leave us with a bitter taste of regret.

In this period of confinement due to the coronavirus, several people will try to cheer themselves up by improvising aesthetic artists.

But it’s deception that is on the lookout for some of them…

Proof in the following photos!

1. A surprising dye

This woman coloured her hair at home. The only catch: she used a Walmart bag to cover her hair during the processing time!

Photo : heywheresperry / imgur

2. A word of advice when applying self-tanner 

Don't watch a sad movie right away, because tears can really do some damage!

Photo: thiscontradiction / reddit

3. When you ask your quarantine partner to be your personal hairdresser.

You have to lower your expectations!

Photo : addisonandjake / reddit

4. Silver eyeshadow is not the ideal choice...

The proof:

Photo : Purrfectme2 / imgur

5. Before you start your own YouTube channel...

It will take a little more practice!

Photo : GPilla / reddit

6. When you keep the dye a little too long...

You may transform yourself into an orange!

7. When you try to follow makeup tutorials on the Web...

It doesn't always work out.

Photo :

8. When the false eyelashes go north!

Not a good look!

9. Contouring is out of style anyway.

So give up on the idea!

Photo : TheFriskiestOfDingos / reddit

10. Dying your eyebrows can be risky.

Unless you want a unique look!

11. When nails seem to have been varnished with liquid corrector...

It's not quite like the original picture!

Photo: imgur

12. The proof that you shouldn't touch your face during coronavirus (or not)!

Lipstick is a tricky one.

13. They recommended to wear a net over your head when you get a spray tan.

Pretty sure that is not what they meant.

14. She wanted layers in her hair.

She has some now!

Photo : imgur

15. Turmeric masks may be trendy now...

But they can be difficult to remove!

Source: Sympa Sympa · Photo Credit: Sympa Sympa

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