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15 creative ideas to reuse old furniture to decorate your garden!

15 creative ideas to reuse old furniture to decorate your garden!
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Reuse old furniture to decorate your garden, no need to spend money! Here are 15 original ideas!

1. Old Drawers 

Reuse old from a piece of furniture you are no longer using to create these beautiful planters. 

2. Old Dresser

Do you have an old dresser you are no longer using? Need to make some space inside the house? Repurpose into a garden planter!

3. Old Chair

An old metal chair is the perfect planter for succulent!

4. Old Bed

Wow! It is really impressive! 

5. Old Bed

This is what we call a flower bed!

6. Old Typewriter

Haven't used this one in over a decade? Make it a planter!

7. Old Tub 

This looks better outside than inside in the bathroom!

8. Old Tub 

Turn it into half a table - half a planter!

9. Old Piano

Wow! This is truly majestic! 

10. Old Bed

Another flower bed!

11. Shopping Cart

Do not steal a cart for this craft! But we must admit it look really cool. 

12. Old Dresser

If you have a big backyard this is perfect!

13. Old Couch

The plants will be very comfortable, ha ha! 

14. Old Bed

It looks so peaceful! 

15. Old Table

Wow! If you are truly dedicated to your garden, this will impress everyone! 

Which one is your favourite?

Source: Inspideco · Photo Credit: Inspideco

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