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15 genius ideas design ideas for stores and shopping malls.

15 genius ideas design ideas for stores and shopping malls.
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Generally speaking, good quality products and prices are the selling points when going to a store. But some architects and designers are putting a little extra that will truly convince any customer!

Here are 15 photos of the best ideas from designers.

1. This store exhibits mini version that are identical to the models for sale.

DragonLoad / Reddit

2. A map of the store to help you find your items!

JPfowl / Reddit

3. This mall offers water to dogs.

NutellaOreoReeses / Reddit

4. Refrigerated lockers so you can continue to shop while it is keeping your groceries cool.

new_number_one / Reddit

5. Mini tents are displayed to reduce the space while exhibiting products. 

self_Sim / Reddit

6. In this mall, the elevator buttons are inside a book!

OverlordMikan / Reddit

7. This mall allows you to cycle between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m! 

RodjerExplosion / Reddit

8. The basket color informs the staff if the customer needs help or if they want to be left alone

saksith / Reddit

9. Different surfaces to try on hiking boots. 

HansTilburg / Reddit

10. A little cart to bring your dog along while grocery shopping. 

MerleChi / Reddit

11.  This bakery has baguettes as door knobs! 

stimilon / Reddit

12. This jewelry store features a gold ring-shaped door handle! 

littleorganbigm / Reddit

13. This store has a small plane cabin to test your luggage! 

nos***z0ne / Reddit

14. This is the INSIDE of a mall in Tokyo supposed to represent Italy. 

Spl420iff / Reddit

15. You can try out your canoe before buying it thanks to this mini lake! 

forceofsmog / Reddit

Does your local mall has something special? Share it with us in the comments!

Source: cafe declic · Photo Credit: reddit

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