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15 ideas to inspire you to recycle your old pair of jeans!

15 ideas to inspire you to recycle your old pair of jeans!
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Jeans are certainly the one piece of clothing that we all wear the most often in our lives. This is why we often accumulate them over the years and do not know what to do when they become too used or small. The first idea is to get rid of it to buy new ones. However, creative recycling teaches us that nothing is really to be thrown away and that any object, even jeans, can acquire a new life! Jeans are a flexible, resistant fabric that can hold a thousand surprises and many different uses, depending on the creativity of each.

Discover 15 ideas to reuse your old jeans in a creative way… get inspired!

1. Jars

Decorate lovely jars by putting pieces of jeans inside!

Photo : Pinterest

2. A cable holder

 A good idea for hiding cables from cellphones or other electronic devices. It also make an original gift!

Photo : Pinterest

3. Remote holder

Old jeans can be turned into a remote control holder to hang on the sofa to keep everything you need close while watching your favourite show.

Photo: Pinterest

4. Chair cover

Why not cover the back of your office chair with jeans? Keep the pockets!

Photo : Pinterest

5. Vase decoration

With jeans, even a simple glass jar or vase can be a decorative object!

Photo : Pinterest

6. Little pots

Beautiful little pots of succulents creatively decorated with scraps of denim fabric: the garden has never been so trendy!

Photo : Pinterest

7. Cutlery holder

A truly unique cutlery holder, useful at home or in your cottage!

Photo : Pinterest

8. Garland

Very original garland made with pieces of jeans: to hang on the door or even on the wall of the house!

Photo : Pinterest

9. Chandeliers

With old jeans and a touch of creativity, the chandeliers are renewed and transformed into designer accessories!

Photo : Pinterest

10. Curtains

If you have a lot of jeans that you no longer wear, transform them into a pretty curtain!


11. Multi-pocket bag

A multi-pocket bag useful for adults and young people, to contain and store lots of things from everyday life.

Photo : Pinterest

12. Cushions

Recycle your old jeans into cushions covers!

Photo : Pinterest

13. Rugs

With old jeans, you can make very pretty patchwork rugs!

Photo : Pinterest

14. Table runners

These runners are beautiful, functional and. modern. The design will fascinates all your guests, made with old jeans!

Photo : Pinterest

15. Sofa cover

A cover that does not look bad at all, for the sofa that needs a second life.

Photo : Pinterest

Which one is your favourite? What is your favourite way to recycle old jeans? Since the trend is for damaged jeans, you could just keep wearing them!

Source: Interieurs Deco · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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