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15 organizational tips to survive this winter season

15 organizational tips to survive this winter season
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Winter has arrived and all means are good to resist the cold of the next months!

The Tip Hero website, which cites the Millennial Mom blog, lists 15 homemade tips for surviving the winter, and even enjoying it!

Here they are:

Keep your feet dry

Put a plastic bag on your feet before putting on your boots!

Millenial Mom

Organize the storage of your boots

Do you have several pairs at home? Organize them by inserting pool noodle inside so that they stay straight in your entrance hall.

Millenial Mom

Lip balm

Apply it just before bedtime for softer lips

Eye pencil

Turn the tip of your pencil between your fingers to warm it up and apply it more effectively.

Millenial Mom

Prevent cracked feet

Dry weather can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Before bedtime, brush your feet with petroleum jelly before putting on socks. Your skin will be much softer!

To avoid static electricity in your hair

Put on your brush a sheet of fabric softener. It will make your hair silky while preventing static electricity!

Millenial Mom

Open your curtains!

Let natural light warm your home during the day.

Save on your heating bill

After heating a small baking dish, turn off the appliance, but leave the oven door open. It will warm your kitchen and reduce your heating consumption.

Millenial Mom

Do not lose your gloves and hats anymore!

Store them in a shoe case and you will find them easily.

Millenial Mom

To prevent the damage of soaked shoes

Place stones in a baking tray. When you come home with soaked shoes, leave them on the tray. The stones will drain all the excess of water without dirtying your floor.

Millenial Mom

Insulate your windows with bubble wrap

Just apply it on the windows after spraying water! It's done!

Millenial Mom

Prevent frost on your car

Place plastic bags on your mirrors overnight so they do not frost.

Millenial Mom

Spray your windshield with vinegar

This will prevent ice accumulations.

Add a little antibacterial gel on your key

This will prevent it from staying frozen in the lock.

Millenial Mom

Park your car toward East

So, the rising sun will brighten your car and warm it up!

Review all the tips in the video below:

Source: · Photo Credit: Millenial Mom

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