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15 original ideas to use wood pallet in the bathroom.

15 original ideas to use wood pallet in the bathroom.
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The reputation of wood pallets is well established. This low cost material can easily be recovered into amazing decorative pieces. And this, in all the rooms of the house and even on the outside. You can make furniture out of it, but also decorative elements that are a little out of the ordinary.

It can be integrated into a rustic and classic decor as well as in a modern home. The possibilities are practically endless!

If you're lucky enough to have pallet wood on hand, here's how you can use it to improve your bathroom. This is a room where you don't tend to use wood, but it truly adds "a little something"! 

See these 15 inspiring photos.

1. A small message board

It will help children brush their teeth and reach the top of the cabinet. While constituting a charming decorative element!


2. A hanging shelf

It is so pretty and easy to install!

kme homes

3. Wooden boxes

Perfect for storing washcloths and bahtroom products.


4. A vanity unit

Rustic, practical and very beautiful.


5. Wooden shelves

A simple and easy idea to achieve! Adds a little "farmhouse" element to the bathroom. 


6. Storage on hooks

Once again, it's very simple, but so effective!

7. A table for the laundry room

Practical for folding laundry or storing baskets ... A tutorial here.


8. A beautiful mirror

With storage cubes useful and very pretty.


9. A small storage cabinet

A great way to have toilet paper or brush handy.


10. A practical unit 

To have the essentials nearby!


11. A shelf for the bathtub

A practical accessory to relax with a book, a candle or even an iPad with your favourite movie. 

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What do you think of these ideas? We guarantee that you already have several ideas for revamping your bathroom with wood pallets!

Source: Inspideco · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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