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15 parenting tips that can help make life easier for parents

15 parenting tips that can help make life easier for parents
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Raising children requires facing a thousand and one challenges with creativity and resourcefulness. And some parents are full of imagination, as you can see by looking at the following pictures. Who knows? You may be inspired to imitate some of these ingenious parenting tricks?

1. A bathtub where there is none

If you do not have a bathtub at home or if you are traveling, here is a clever idea to wash a toddler!

2. Protect the floor from dirty wheels

If you need to push your stroller indoors, put shower caps on the wheels to keep the floor clean!

3. To prevent baby from falling out of a chair

This dad used self-help!

4. For toilet emergencies

When you're on the go, you can not always find a toilet quickly enough for small pressed bladders. To prevent accidents, keep a small pot in the car. If your child needs to go to the emergency toilet, open a diaper and place it at the bottom of the pot. Then throw the diaper out and that's it!

5. Keep the lunches cool

If you do not have a cooling pad, freeze a sponge and your child's meal will stay cool.

6. Giving medicine to a baby

To give a dose of a medicine to a young baby without making a mess, use a bottle nipple at the end of the plastic children's syringe.

7. Do not forget about doses

To avoid skipping a dose of medication or giving a duplicate, indicate the number of times you need to give your child the remedy on the bottle and place a check-mark every time you give it.

8. Keeping kids entertained while on the go.

By plane or car, children will be happy to play with window stickers.

9. A sandbox sheltered from cats

So that your sandbox does not serve as litter to the cats of the neighborhood, put it in a tent that you will close after the kids have finished playing!

10. Prevent a toddler from touching the BBQ

Another dad who had an original idea!

11. Information about the car seat

Nobody wants to think about the worst case scenario, however, in the event that something were to happen, you can store valuable information about your child in their car seat.

12. How to make blocks of snow

Do your children want a fort or an igloo? Use rectangular Tupperwares to form your bricks!

13. Differentiating between twins

A little intense, but effective!

14. Make roads for small cars

Glue tape on the floor to form a road network that will entertain your child.

15. Have fun baby

To help change an upset baby's thoughts, place him or her in front of the dryer, while it is spinning with clothes in it (front loading dryers only, obviously); less toxic than placing baby in front of the TV for hours and truly hypnotic!

What did you think of these ideas? Have you ever tried any? Some tips probably put a smile on your face!

Source: Ipoze · Photo Credit: Ipnoze

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