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15 unexpected ways to use dryer sheets outside the dryer

15 unexpected ways to use dryer sheets outside the dryer
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Dryer sheets are very popular in our homes. They bring a fresh smell and also takes the static out of our clothes.

What is unfortunate with this product is that it is quite expensive and we tend to finish them in a short span of time, because we usually put a new dryer sheet every time in the machine, even if, we can reuse it a few times …

But we can make our purchase profitable by reusing the dryer sheets for different tasks in the house. And some methods are very creative! Here are 15 ideas for you:

1. Repel rodents

Rodents hate the smell of dryer sheets. Place some sheets in the garage, in the basement, in your campervan, or wherever these little animals may come to bother you and they will go away!


2. Clean up dry spill

Unlike all kinds of paper towels, dryer sheets can retain dust, flour and other dry stuff, making cleaning much easier.


3. Sharpen scissors

It's surprising, but it's effective and simple. To improve the performance of your scissors, simply wipe the blade on the dryer sheet !

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4. Remove animal hair

It can be difficult to remove all pet hair from furniture, carpets or clothes.

Dryer sheets are perfect for removing unwanted hair. Just wipe the affected area and the hair will stick to the sheet.


5. Clean the toilet bowl

Put two dryer sheets in the toilet and let them sit for a while.

Then use a brush to clean the stains.

Your toilet bowl will shine !

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6. Remove deodorant stains

Nothing seems to remove deodorant stains on this cloth you just put on and you do not have time to wash it in the machine.

Wipe off these white stains with a dryer sheet. It's easy !

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7. Remove insects on a car

Bugs stuck on your car are a pain to remove !

To remove them easily, wet a dryer sheet and wipe your car

These sheets are hard enough to scrub away the insects but not too harsh to damage the paint of your car.

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8. Dust

Dryer sheets dust off surfaces in the same way as expensive products, but also repel dust much longer than traditional dusting sprays. They can be used on any hard surface.


9. Clean the screens

To prevent dust from getting on your screens, wipe them with a dryer sheet.

It works well on computer, laptop or TV screens.


10. Air feshener

If you like the smell of your dryer sheet, attach it to the vent of your ventilation system or to your fan to circulate the smell around the house.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the sheet.

Replace when dust is visible on it.

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11. Use dryer sheet on a Swiffer duster

If you have a Swiffer duster, you probably know that wipes are expensive !

Dryer sheets can be placed on the bottom of a Swiffer duster and pick up dirt, dust and hair off the floor. This solution is cheap !


12. Clean a pan

Place a fresh dryer sheet on the bottom of a dirty pan, fill with lukewarm tap water. Let it sit in the sink overnight.

The food will come off the pan, which will make it easier to clean the next day!


13. Clean the lint trap

Once your dryer sheets are used and their smell is gone, you can always use them properly before discarding them.

The old dryer sheets will remove all the lint on your filter screen, leaving almost nothing behind.

Make sure you do not use new sheets, otherwise you could clog the lint trap.

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14. For the hair

Dryer sheets can not only reduce static on your clothes, it can also do wonders on your hair.

You should not rub a dryer sheet on the top of your head, but gently running it over will control flyaway hair.

If you didn't have time to take a shower, these sheets will also mask unpleasant odors.

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15. Deodorize the shoes

If your shoes start having this "shoe smell", put a dryer sheet into each shoe and leave them overnight.

When you wake up, your shoes will smell even better than when you bought them.

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