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15 unusual but delicious drink combos you can make at home!

15 unusual but delicious drink combos you can make at home!
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1. Mountain Dew & Tequila

Iced carbonated margarita! 

2. Honey Whiskey & Coke Vanilla

Ice cream is optional but totally delicious!


3. Malibu Rum & Hot Chocolate

4. Heavy Whipping Cream, Coconut Pineapple Sparkling Ice & Vodka 

You just made yourself a Keto PIna Colada!


5. Whipped Cream Vodka, Orange Soda & Sprite 

Yummy, this drink is called the Dreamsicle!

6. Bailey's & Jägermeister

Looks really cool!

7. Iced Tea & Whiskey

Nothing is sweeter than iced tea!

8. Caramel Vodka & Apple Juice

Remember these caramel apples?

9. Vanilla Ice Cream, Margarita Mix & Tequila

Blend everything and it is like a key lime pie in a glass!

HEB, Drizzly

10. Vanilla Vodka & Sunny D

An adult version of Creamsicle!

11. Fireball, Vanilla ice cream & Milk

Blend this to create the best milkshake ever!

12. Chamomile Tea & Tequila

Try it before you judge!


13. Vodka, Grapefruit Juice & Splash of Sprite


14. Whiskey + Green Tea

For the colder evenings!

15. Sorbet & Vodka

Get a fancy glass for a nice evening home!


Source: Buzz Feed · Photo Credit: Buzz Feed

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