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15 very surprising bathroom designs.

15 very surprising bathroom designs.
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For most people, the bathroom is a place of relaxation and intimate care. The functionality is probably the most important thing about bathrooms, but a nice finish is always appreciated too! 

However, some people have designed bathrooms (private and public) that are quite… different. Whether in terms of layout, decoration or functionality, not everyone has the same taste...

To make you smile, here are some photos shared by Internet users. What do you think of these bathrooms?

1. His father renovated the bathroom.

The solution? Open the ceiling!

560guy / Reddit

2. These urinals are a bit too close!

Few men want to go there at the same time...

IAmDrinkingIcedTea / Twitter

3. An impractical mirror!

But very original.

Me_llamo_Patrick / Reddit

4. A design that can make you nauseous

Imagine going to the bathroom after a night of drinking!

© camskylex / Reddit

5. The home owner wanted the toilet to be in the corner. 

 "No problem!" said the contractor. 

doppelknoten / Reddit

6. A toilet paper holder for people with long arms

Is it really more handy this way?

whineryj3 / Reddit

7. No privacy here!

What were they thinking? 

Yamski7 / Reddit

8. Small communication problem...

This is why you should always hire professionals! 

idontreallylikecandy / Reddit

9. When you like to see yourself from all angles.

You won't miss a thing!

De * thbydragonfire / Reddit

10. A questionable choice of paint

Even more, for a bathroom...

Xuhale / Reddit

11. In this hotel bathroom, a blind hides the shower.

But you have to think about closing it from the outside.

Banane_42 / Reddit

12. Before leaving the toilet, you must wash your hands.

Some people take hygiene very seriously.

andrelu1s / Reddit

13. The partitions of these cabins are really high.

You can see other people's thighs! 

squishysockz / Reddit

14. A toilet for friends.

That share everything!

Tintuks / Reddit

15. "It will fit, I'm telling you!"


Explosive_Mom_Bomb / Reddit

Source: Sympa · Photo Credit: Reddit

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