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15 weird stores and malls that are far from ordinary!

15 weird stores and malls that are far from ordinary!
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Shopping can become monotonous and boring. There isn't much to be excited about in a grocery store, a hardware store or your local shopping mall. 

Here are 15 original places, located all over the world, that take the shopping experience up a notch. If you ever go in these cities, consider taking a tour! 

1. The Purple Store in Seattle only sells purple items. 

You really need to like purple.

source: The Purple Store / facebook 

2. This grocery store has escalators for grocery carts.

Make sure you don't forget your cart!

source: AssHat_ / reddit

3. In the City Creek Center, a shopping center in Salt Lake City, a real mountain stream flows.

How pretty!

source: twilling8 / reddit

4. In Paris, a store sells toilet paper in every color imaginable.

Which one would you pick?

source: FalseDmitri / reddit

5. In the Aviapark Mall in Moscow, you can find what is possibly the largest aquarium in the world. It is over 20 meters high.


source: kostya8 / reddit

6. A German supermarket takes great pride in its parking lot for grocery carts...

You must stay within the lines! 

source: TheSmartAssKidd / reddit

7. In this shoe store, there is an area to test comfort on more realistic floor than hardwood. 

Really smart!

source: Onicss / reddit

8. In this clothing store, you can go down by a toboggan!

Fun for kids and adults!

source: Mikexp3 / reddit

9. In this department store, the ventilation system is inflatable. 

We just want to touch it!

source: threadsoul / reddit

10. In Norway, a store stands out for its opening hours: Monday - Friday - 09:43 - 17:08, Thursday - 09:43 - 18:04, Saturday - 09:56 - 16:04 ”.

How weird!

source: shorgen / reddit

11. In the Italian town of Grottaglie, a handmade ceramics shop is located above a fairly deep cave. You can see the entrance through a window in the floor.



12. In Japan, there is a store that exclusively sells KitKat. (There are over 300 varieties of this chocolate exclusive to Japan, such as: ginger ale, soy sauce, red beans, crème brûlée, green tea, sake, maple syrup, chestnut and wasabi).

Yum! Which one would you like to try?

source: RegionFree / reddit

13. This Italian shop sells pillows in the shape of pasta.

For all the pasta-lovers out there. 

source: blondebumpkin / reddit

14. In Southwick, England, a supermarket identifies sections of its products with pretty balloons.

So adorable!

source: MysteryFro / reddit

15. In Berlin, this shop sells pillows in the shade of meat or cold cuts.

Really weird!

source: azzalulu / reddit

Is there any weird store or shopping mall in your area? 

Source: Sympa · Photo Credit: FalseDmitri / reddit

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