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16 unsuspected ways to use rubber bands

16 unsuspected ways to use rubber bands
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Every week, without realizing it, you receive small rubber bands for free and you do not even keep them!

We can find them around newspapers, packets of fruits and vegetables at the supermarket and we toss those rubber bands in the garbage.

But we should not do that anymore! We should keep these rubber bands and use them! Because they are much more practical than you think!

After seeing all these tips, you will add a bowl to a kitchen drawer to keep them. Because you too will want to use them.

Here are 16 ways to reuse rubber bands:

1) Prevent baby from searching into kitchen cabinets by tying doors with rubber bands


2) Do not contaminate book pages by licking your fingers every time you turn the pages. Use a rubber band on a finger.


3) Prevent clothes from slipping off the hangers by wrapping the rubber bands on the wooden or plastic hangers.

Source: YouTube eHow

4) Wrap a rubber band over the bottle neck to hold the straw in place.


5) Prevent your child from getting locked into the bathroom !


6) Prevent your cutting board from slipping on the counter when you cut your vegetables by adding a rubber band around the ends of the board.


7) Remove excess paint on a brush with a rubber band (new and not too tight). Wrap a rubber band around the can .


8) Use a rubber band when a screw has been stripped, because it will provide the grip needed to get the screw spinning.

Source: YouTube Parade Magazine

9) Identify the glasses of your guests with rubber bands of different colors during a party.


10) A touch of color on your glasses to keep them in place.


11) A very simple way to see your GPS on your cell phone while driving.


12) Cut an apple and wrap it tightly with a rubber band before placing it in your child's lunch box so that it does not change color.


13) Avoid damage in the car by using rubber bands to hold a lid in place on the Slow Cooker.


14) Seal the lid of your Thermos to prevent leaks.


15) Open a jar easily with a rubber band.

Source: YouTubeParade Magazine

16) And the last one: Use a rubber band to make a French manicure.


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