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17 great ideas from genius parents!

17 great ideas from genius parents!
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Being a parent makes you develop a lot of ingenuity! Here are 17 very interesting parenting tips from parents who had to be very creative. Would you have thought of it?

1. This dad used an old ice cube tray to make the perfect tray for chicken nuggets and dipping sauces!

2. This other dad used a coffee stick to replace his daughter's broken hair tie.

3. This mom took advantage of a DIY period with her children to make herself a lipstick holder!

4. This mom discovered that cheese sticks make a great stopper for a bottle of wine!

5. Her daughter wanted to play the Barbies; so he parked them at the drive-in to watch Hockey!

6. A mom discovered that a wipe box cover can also be used to cover electrical outlets.

7. This mom found the best place to hide her candies! 

8. This father uses the baby bottle dryer for his wine glasses!

9. This mother attached snaps to her child's socks to keep the pairs together in the washing machine.

10. This mom made Barbie a bathing cap so that her wet hair doesn't get wet!

11. This dad found a way how to prevent his family from using his Netflix account.

12. This mom uses a shoe organizer to organize the kids snacks.

13. This father really needed a nap, so he asked his children to draw it while he slept! ;-)

14. This mom used her child's cart to bring all the groceries at the same time.

15. This dad uses a thermos to keep a burrito warm.

16. This dad put a straw in his yogurt tube so he wouldn't do a mess.

17. A mother used her child's toy to identify glasses of wine.

Do you have any tips or tricks of your own?

Source: buzzfeed · Photo Credit: instagram

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