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Tips and Tricks

17 useful cooking tips that will change the way you cook.

17 useful cooking tips that will change the way you cook.
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Find meal ideas that will please all guests, cook, clean and tidy up ... Cooking for a family can become so exhausting that you don't want to eat anymore!

But some tips can make your life easier and make you a real pro in the kitchen! Here are 23 tips that should help you!

1. Chop food in a flash

Instead of trying to cut with the knife, use a pizza cutter! It's even more fun!


2. Remove corn kernels

Use an electric knife to easily remove corn kernels from the cob. To avoid dropping corn everywhere, you can put the cob vertically in the hole of a bundt cake pan!


3. Keep bananas longer

To prevent your bananas from turning brown too quickly, separate them and wrap the top in plastic wrap.


4. Make crispy bacon in the microwave

To have a tasty bacon, place the slices on the edges of a glass bowl and cook in the microwave for a few minutes.


5. Cook two frozen pizzas at a time

Your round pizzas do not fit in your rectangular baking tray ? Cut them and place them like this:


6. Cut several mini-tomatoes at the same time

Place your tomatoes between two saucers. Take a sharp knife and insert it between the saucers and your tomatoes will be sliced in half in no time.



7. Cut the cookie dough

You do not have a cookie cutter to cut your cookies? Use a wineglass!

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8. Cook several hard boiled eggs

Instead of boiling your eggs, place them on the oven rack and cook at 325 ° F (170 ° C) for 30 minutes!

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9. Make chocolate bowls

Use an inflated balloon to make a perfect and edible chocolate bowl for your dessert.

10. Make taco shells

Do you prefer taco shells? Place the tortilla on the oven rack and heat up.

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11. Cook the meat patties

To cook your burgers evenly, make a small hole in the meat before cooking it on your barbecue.

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12. Chocolate ice cubes

Make milk and Oreo ice cubes

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13. Make the perfect BLT sandwich

To prevent the tasty bacon from falling off your sandwiches, cook it this way:


14. Marshmallow frosting

If you don't have the time to make the frosting or if you don't want to take the time to spread it on your cupcakes? Place a marshmallow on each cupcake a few minutes before the end of cooking.


15. Quickly cut potatoes

For large french fries or Greek potatoes, use an apple slicer!

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16. Remove egg shells

If pieces of eggshell have fallen into your dish, wet your fingers and grab them.

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17. How to keep water from boiling over?

To prevent the water from boiling over, place a wooden spoon on top.


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