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18 creations made from wooden pallet that really stand out.

18 creations made from wooden pallet that really stand out.
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In the last few years, the reputation of pallet wood has been established. There are a multitude of ways to give them a second life and you can find plenty of inspiration on the Internet.

Looking at an abandoned palette, it can be hard to imagine its full potential. 

Whether you keep its natural color or dye it, this wood is really a splendid material. In addition, it is economical. 

If you want to use pallets for future furniture, here are some ideas that really stand out!

1. A teepee for children

A child does not need a huge playhouse to have fun outside. This teepee is cheaper and really fun!

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2. A charming patio set

There is even a place reserved for beer bottles!

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3. A wooden staircase

With bonus storage space!

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4. Storage for fruits and vegetables

Perfect for potatoes or onions!

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5. A bench for two with integrated cooler

Perfect for remaking the world as a duo, without having to get up! (Okay, except to go to the toilet!)

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6. An original library

Arranging the pallets vertically offers a whole new perception.

7. A table for the pets

It is so much cuter than bowls lying on the ground!

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8. A safe

Whether it is to store bedding, toys or tools in the garage, this spacious safe is very handy.

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9. A beautiful kitchen area

With a wood stove and a bread oven: wow, a dream!

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10. A place for the grill

Perfect for preparing great meals outside.

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11. An outdoor table with a camouflaged cooler


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12. Raised planters

Super practical!

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13. A bed

Why not?

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14. Raised vegetable patch

A cute little labyrinth!

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15. A spacious bench

Great in any garden!

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16. A superb sandbox

With a lid, great to avoid surprises left by animals ...

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17. A coffee table

An always practical classic!

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18. A beautiful curved chair

The result is worthy of a great cabinetmaker.

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Which one is your favourite?

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Buzz Ultra

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