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18 original ways to reuse empty food packagings

18 original ways to reuse empty food packagings
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When you'll see these 18 amazing ways to reuse these empty food containers, you'll find them absolutely brilliant, and they help make the planet a little greener.

You’d be surprised how many things you can do with empty food containers.

First, you can save money and secondly you can turn these food containers into something completely different and give them a second life.

Here are 18 ways to reuse all kinds of empty food containers:

1) Use a peanut butter jar to make a bird feeder! Sand the opening with sandpaper so that the birds do not get hurt.

Source: Naomi Marcus

2) A roasted chicken container will be perfect to make a seed starter.

Source: Homesteading Downsized

3) Turn bottles into a bowling game.

Source: The Mom in Me

4) A bottle of maple syrup can be a watering can for the vegetable garden:

Drill several small holes under the container and the cap to control the flow of water with your thumb.

Source: Fun in the Making

5) Reuse bottles to organize the pantry.

Source: Home Design Inspired

6) Get a bottle of apple juice to make a shovel for gardening.

Source: Gap Photos

7) The metal caps to make tealights

Source: Home Design Inspired

8) The fruit cups have the perfect size to be fixed under the lids of Mason jar.

Source: Soup Spice Everything Nice

9) Get sauce containers from restaurants to store pacifiers.

Source: Lala

10) Protect electrical plugs from the rain with plastic plates.

Source: Family Handyman

11) Use tin cans as a cookie cutter.

Source: Real Simple

12) Get the Mason jars, jam jars, or pickle jars to store cupcake liners.

Source: Table for Two

13) Take Folger's coffee containers and turn them into planters!

Source: A Frugal Desteny

14) Get jam jars to store the spices. Apply 2 coats of blackboard paint on the lids and identify the pots with white chalk.

Source: Home Design Inspired

15) Get the top of a salt container and place it on a Mason jar.

Source: Put It In A Jar

16) Keep Starbucks coffee bottles to store ribbons.

17) Recycle tin cans and decorate them with spray paint, nice labels and rope to grow your own herbs in the kitchen.

Source: meyohmy

18) And finally! Recycle Coca-Cola bottles and use them for salt, oil, and dish soap dispensers.

Source: Bay Witch Musing

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