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19 uses for table salt that you probably do not know

19 uses for table salt that you probably do not know
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As we all know, table salt is very useful in the preparation of certain recipes, to enhance even more the taste.

But we tend to forget that this ingredient can be of great help in the maintenance of the house, clothes and even for the beauty and health !

Here are 19 uses for table salt that almost no one knows!

1. Clean fruit stains on fabric 

Sprinkle salt on the fresh fruit stain and rub. Then wash in the washing machine normally. Easy!

2. Remove mold stains

To remove mildew stains, scrub them with salt and buttermilk. Then let it dry in the sun.

3. Clean the wine stains

If wine has been spilled on your tablecloth or shirt, immediately pour salt on the stain to absorb it and wash the item as usual.


4. Remove marks from a wooden table

The wood of your table is full of dark circles caused by your coffee mugs? Mix salt and olive oil to make a dough that you apply to discolored circles. Leave on for about an hour and wipe with a soft cloth.

5. Clean the iron

To make the your iron soleplate more smooth, sprinkle salt on a sheet of paper and iron the sheet a few times while it is hot.

6. Revive the colors of fabrics

To give back color to worn or discolored fabric, soak it in a mixture of water and salt. That's all!

7. Keep the cut flowers longer

Mix one tablespoon (15 g) of salt in the water of a vase to keep fresh cut flowers longer.


8. Polish the brass

Scrub your brass items with a mixture of vinegar and salt to make them shine.

9. Prepare the fish more easily

Do you hate to prepare the fish for the meal because it is slippery ? Put salt on your fingers when preparing meat or fish.

10. Remove weed

Pour boiling salty water over the weeds that dare to grow between your slabs and stones. You will annihilate them!

11. Remove sweat stains

Form a dough with water and salt and rub the sweat stain with this mixture. Leave for 1 hour, then wash as usual.

12. Pick up a broken raw egg

If you have broken a raw egg on the floor, cover it with salt and wipe it off with a paper towel. It will be much easier.


13. Deodorize the shoes

If your canvas or sports shoes stink, sprinkle the inside with salt. Wait 24 hours for the salt to absorb the odor, then shake your shoes or vacuum them.

14. Clean a grease stain

Pour salt directly onto the grease stains in the kitchen and let it work before cleaning in the usual way.

15. Extend the life of a broom

When you buy a new broom, soak it in warm salt water before using it for the first time. This action will extend the life of the brush.


16. Clean the steel

Make a dough with two tablespoons (30 g) salt and lemon juice. Rub your steel objects with this paste, then rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.

17. Wash the flower vases

Put two to three tablespoons (30-45 g) of salt inside your glass vase and scrub with a damp brush for a sparkling result.

18. To soothe sore throats

To relieve and disinfect your irritated throat, gargle with warm salt water (¼ teaspoon (2 g) salt in a cup of water).

19. Remove mud from carpets

Say goodbye to the mud stains on your carpets by sprinkling salt on them. Let it dry and vacuum.


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