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20 adorable Italian names for little baby girls.

20 adorable Italian names for little baby girls.
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Are you pregnant? Or maybe someone around you is? Are you expecting a little girl?

Maybe you are looking for a beautiful name for your little princess! Here are some ideas that could inspire you, 20 beautiful Italian names for little girls.

1. Alba

The name Alba means "white". Alba is an elegant, beautiful, flirtatious, emotional, open-minded, generous, organized, orderly and artistic woman.

Origin: Latin, Italian

2. Viola

The name Viola means "violet". Viola is an active, dynamic, enterprising, free, courageous, adventurous and independent woman.

Origin: Latin, Italian

3. Alessia

The name Alessia means "defence of mankind."  Alessia is an intelligent, generous, beautiful, charming, flirtatious, tender, altruistic, kind woman that has a big heart.

Origin: Greek, Italian

4. Francesca

The name Francesca means "free". Francesca is a free, intellectual, sentimental, romantic, proclaimed and beautiful woman.

Origin: Latin, Corsica, Italian

5. Gina

The first name Gina means "Claire, sweet". Gina is a flirtatious, proud, creative, ambitious, determined, persevering, stable and efficient woman.

Origin: Celtic, Spanish, Italian

6. Giulia

The name Giulia means "the perfect one or the beauty of the kingdom".  Giulia is a dynamic, gentle, charming, intelligent, independent, free and curious woman.

Origin: Latin, Italian

7. Isabella

 The name Isabella means "God is my oath".  Isabella is a perfectionist, balanced, analytical, hypersensitive, spiritual, philosopher, gentle and dreamy woman.

Origin: Italian, Spanish, Hebrew

8. Ornella

The name Ornella means "gold".  Ornella is a lively, passionate, seductive, emotional and charming woman.

Origin: Italian

9. Ilaria

The first name Ilaria means "happy". Ilaria is a strong-willed, courageous, ambitious, motivated, confident and intuitive woman.

Origin: Italian

10. Elena

 The name Elena means "Heat".  Elena is a sentimental, romantic, emotional, imaginative, creative and artistic woman.

Origin: Italian, Greek

11. Chiara

The first name Chiara means "clear". Chiara is an independent, free, adventurous, courageous, perfectionist and determined woman.

Origin: Italian, Latin

12. Beatrice

The first name Beatrice means "who makes you happy". Beatrice is a sensitive, emotional, adventurous, happy, full of life, jovial and sympathetic woman

Origin: Latin

13. Elisa

The name Elisa means "God is fullness".  Elisa is a caring, attentive, organized, available and kind woman.

Origin: Hebrew, Italian

14. Valentina

The name Valentina means "valiant, robust, powerful".  Valentina is an analytical, intuitive, independent, charming, sensitive and beautiful woman.

Origin: Italian, Latin

15. Laura

The first name Laura means "who is crowned with laurel".  Laura is a dynamic, seductive, elegant, beautiful, charming, determined, calm, analytical and strategic woman.

Origin: Latin

16. Carla

The first name Carla means "virility, strength".  Carla is a serious, independent, ambitious, charming, frank, direct and hard-working woman.

Origin: Portuguese, Italian, Latin

17. Silvia

The first name Silvia means "Forest".  Silvia is an independent, intellectual, determined, communicative, determined and perfectionist woman.

Origin: Italian

18. Camilla

The first name Camilla means "Perfect". Camilla is a charming, pleasant, attractive, idealistic, beautiful, lovable and emotional woman.

Origin: Italian

19. Claudia

The name Claudia means 'lame, enclosure'. Claudia is an emotional, sensitive, passionate, creative, imaginative and dreamy woman.

Origin: Italian, Latin

20. Alessandra

The first name Alessandra means "to protect, man, warrior, enemy". Alessandra is an authoritative, authoritarian, powerful, determined, frank and direct woman.

Origin: Italian, Greek

Which one is your favourite?

Source: Mamanly · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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