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20 genius tips to make parenting a little easier!

20 genius tips to make parenting a little easier!
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If you have kids you probably know that you have to come up with creatives solution to meet their wishes. If you are new to parenting, look at the 20 genius ideas below!

1. A spray for monster

If your little one is afraid of sleeping alone because of monster, simply use an empty spray bottle and fill it with water. Tell them the spray repulse all the monsters!

2. Prevent bath toys floating away

To make bath time easier use an empty laundry basket to put baby and his toys! You won't loose time trying to give them back their toys.

Photo: Reddit u/ThirdFloorNorth

3. Door Bumpers

Simply cut a foam pool noodles and place it inside the door to prevent their precious little fingers from getting caught in doors.

Photo : Reddit u/MoJeffreys

4. Lollipop Medicine

Dip their favourite lollipop in medicine until your little one lick it all. (They can finish the lollipop as a reward!)

5. Left/Right Shoe

If you kiddo is still having trouble putting the right shoe one, draw a little animal face inside to help them put them on.

Photo : Reddit u/justinmisaacs

6. Safe sandpit

If your kid love to play outside in the sandbox, place it under a tent to protect them from the sun!

Photo : Reddit

7. 2by4 Playpen

When daddy got to work in the shop, he can still keep baby safe!

Photo : Reddit u/sizzlersam

8. Popsicle hack

Place a cucumber slice at the bottom part of the popsicle to absorbs the drips so it doesn't run down your kids arms or in the car!

9. "Hands on the circle!"

If you want your children safe when they come out of the car, play the little game hands on the circle - with the circle being the gas cap. You will always know they are by the car!

10. Playing outside

If you have some gardening to do or simply want to get some fresh air in the backyard, bring the playpen with you and top it with a sheet to protect the little one from the sun.

11. Faucet extender

If you are trying to teach them to wash their little hands, use a faucet extender to help them reach the water.

Photo : Amazon

12. Multiplication tables

This genius dad used the stairs from his apartment building to help his child learn the multiplication tables!

Photo : Reddit u/1ItalianLurker

13. DIY Child's Wheelchair

If your little one got injured and is too small for a regular wheelchair, take a look at this DIY wheelchair - genius!

Photo : Reddit u/velofille

14. Cover the trampoline springs

To avoid their little toes being pinched, cover the trampoline springs with pool noodles. 

Photo : Reddit u/Asho777

15. Create a portable bed

16. Keep sand away at the beach

17. Cover the electricity outlet

Cover the outlets using a plastic outlet and velcro! That way you won't lose the little plastic covers.

18. Remove splinters easily

Photo : Reddit

19. Bring to life dried-out markers

20. Non-slip rugs

This tip is essential if you have kids or pets - velcro down your rugs! It will make it easier to lift for cleaning but stays in place all day long!

Photo : Reddit u/DoriIsRad

Did you ever tried any of those with your kids?

Source: sympa sympa · Photo Credit: amazon

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