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20 great ideas for a tidy interior!

20 great ideas for a tidy interior!
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Always looking for great ideas to organize the house so that it always tidy ?

In this article, you'll find 20 great ideas for a tidy interior.

And when everything is in its place, it's easy to keep a house clean because storage is logical.

But it still takes a certain rigor to maintain a house clean and tidy.

Will these 20 ideas help you?

1) Use the space under the stairs to make a pantry!

2) A special place for your knives !


3) A changing table on the wall! It's awesome!

4) Ask the person who builds your kitchen island to make a place for a mini fridge! This is brilliant!

5) These lockers are far from spoiling the decor! This decor is so trendy!

6) With a Dremel rotary saw you can cut the number of holes needed for all the toothbrushes of your family members.

7) Add 2 hooks in a frame on the wall. They will be used to hang the ironing board in the laundry room.

8) Use a metal magazine rack to hold the flat iron and curling iron.

9) Stack boxes to maximize the space in the pantry

10) Get pots of the same size for efficient storage.

11) With this kind of storage, your tins cans will be organized.

12) If you do not trust this system you can do the same principle, but in wood, it will be more resistant.

13) Remember to use the last 2 steps as storage drawers.

14) Collect all the rolls and cardboards to store the Christmas lights.

15) And reuse the rings of an old shower curtains to hang your caps on a hanger.

16) Fix 2 wooden boxes to the wall and attach them with elastics to store all the balls in the garage.

17) The shower curtain rings are very practical for storing all silk or wool scarves on small metal rods.

18) Add a tension rod under the sink to hang all the household products.

19) Everything is well organized !

20) Attach beams to the garage ceiling to create storage !

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