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20 great ideas for organizing a dream play room!

20 great ideas for organizing a dream play room!
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We would all like a dream play room for our children!

And even more so if you are in charge of a family daycare!

To have the most storage space with a maximum of toys so that the kids can have fun and flourish in a safe environment, that's the dream!

You can take one or more of these ideas to create your dream play room and perhaps even combine some of these ideas for an even better outcome!

Maybe these ideas will help you think of others?

Many of these ideas will be equally good for children's bedrooms!

Here are over 20 great ideas to help you set up your Dream Play Room!

Use colorful plastic crates as shelves on the wall!

Attach shelves to the sides of a dresser to store books!

Take out the cardboard or glass pieces from frames you can easily find in most dollar stores and replace with cork board. You can use it to dry new masterpieces the kids have just made!

A wooden plank or melamine on two storage cabinets and pole will make a perfect dressing room for the children's dress-up costumes!


A wooden case (from Walmart, Micheals, Omer de Serres) And PVC pipes or cardboard rolls (paper towels) to store small cars!

Organize all arts and crafts materials in storage furniture!

Everything is in its place and labeled!

Pierced panels can also be very useful!

Store Lego blocks by color!

And Lego figures on small shelves where you will have glued Lego strips using a hot glue gun!

Small wall shelves for books are always always a good investment!

If you plan to make a bench, also include storage baskets! You'll love it!

Gardening baskets !! They are great for storing stuffed animals!


A scarf rack for storing stuffed animals! Had to think about that one!


AWESOME! Store arts and crafts materials in a shoe rack!

Or also the stuffed animals!!

Or little toys!


Collect an old table and paint the top with blackboard paint! The kids will love it!

GREAT!!! Magnetic rails from Ikea to store small cars!


Use shoe racks to store small cars!

Make a theater or stage box for the kids!

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