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20 great planter ideas made from recycled items!

20 great planter ideas made from recycled items!
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Recycle and decorate with plants at the same time, sounds like a great idea? Take a look at these 20 creative ideas for recycling and giving a second life with plants to many common items! Let us inspire you..Have fun and good decoration! :-)

1. Old Suitcase

These are no longer handy to travel with, but make excellent planters! 

2. Rocks

Do you have any big rock on your land? Transform them into planters!

3. Old Table

These make superb succulent fairy gardens! 

4. Old Ladle

If you no longer need it in the kitchen, use it in the backyard!

5. Old Ladles

Or by the window!

6. Pipe Wall Planter

Wow! Old PVC pipe make beautiful planters!! 

7. Old Chair

We love the

8. Old Wood Pallet

Wood pallets are great for many DIYs including this one!

9. Vintage Matchbox

Give a second life to your favourite vintage items!

10. Old Tea Container

Have a favourite tea and a favourite plant? Combine them!

11. Old Toys

Your kiddo no longer plays with car toys? Put them in the garden! Fill them with plants first!

12. Old Handbag

If you love to change bags and have way to many in the closet, transform some of them into planters!

13. Old Shoes

Same ideas for shoes! 

14. Tea Service

A real masterpiece!

15. Old Door

The vintage look of this door really goes well with succulents!

16. Old Window

An old window frame will make a beautiful decoration for the exterior. 

17. Old Boot

Lost one boot? No need to worry, transform it into a strawberry planter! 

18. Old Sink

A good excuse to renovate the bathroom! ;-) 

19. Old Box

We really love the vintage look!

20. Garden Tools

Create a beautiful decorative exterior wall with old garden tools and plants!

Are you inspired yet? Time to get to work in the garden! 

Source: Inspideco · Photo Credit: Inspideco

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