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20 ideas to decorate your garden using wooden pallets.

20 ideas to decorate your garden using wooden pallets.
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Today, we offer you inspiring ideas that you will want to tinker with wood pallets!

Here are 20 ideas for decorating your garden using wooden pallets:

1. This vertical garden is made of a single pallet of wood. Easy and pretty! 

2. This outdoor furniture is entirely made with pallet wood.

3. This Potting Bench does not have a shelf, it is very simple, but very pretty in the same time.

4. A potting bench for gardening. 

5. Do not hesitate to paint all in white for a very clean look with pure lines, very Shabby Chic!

6. Don't be scared to add some color! 

7. A wooden panel which gives a little more privacy.

8. So pretty!

9. Collect the wood from pallets to make a bin box and recovery bin.

10. Cover your firewood to prevent it from getting wet by rain or snow.

11. Need a potting bench for gardening? Nothing could be easier than using wood pallets!

12. You can leave them in wood color for a more natural look.

13. Planters that you can repaint winter after winter.

14. A very small swing that you can enter in the house during winter.

15. A very small bed suspended on the porch will make jealous among your friends.

16. A big comfy bed in the shade will be the perfect spot for reading a good book in the afternoon.

17. A terrace in the shade, all painted red will have character.

18. A cabin for children will be appreciated in the garden.

19. Need a fence? Here's a great idea. Do not forget the chicken wire to prevent small animals from passing through large slits.

20. Attach pieces of pallets to the wall to hang your planters.

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Source: Inspideco · Photo Credit: Inspideco

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