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20 ideas to use hangers creatively all around the house.

20 ideas to use hangers creatively all around the house.
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Hangers are very practical in the closet, but there is so many other ways to use them creatively!  Here are 20 ideas to inspire you. 

1. Toilet paper holder

Easy DIY to make for the bathroom. 


2. Coffee Mug Holder

A cute addition to the kitchen! And it's very practical too. 


3. Organize your bras 

So much better than trying to find them in an overcrowding drawer! 


4. Hat Organizer 

A great idea for all the men that love hats! 

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5. Jewellery Holder

Don't lose your jewellery anymore with this hanger hack. 

6. Bathroom Organizer

This hanger will make your bathroom look really good. 

7. Shoes Organizer

Perfect for small spaces. 

8. Picture Holder

Decorate your house!

9. Front Entrance Organizer

You won't forget anything anymore!

10. Towel Holder

Practical and economical tip. 

11. Shoe Rack


12. Front Entrance Organizer

You will never lose your keys now!

13. Sunglass Holder

Protect your sunglasses with this holder. 

14. Magazines Holder

These are very nice decorative pieces. 

15. Kitchen Organizer

Everything your need for cooking and baking. 

16. Sewing Organizer

All you need easily accessible. 

17. Scarf Organizer

All your scarves in one spot. 

18. Holiday Decoration

Start your holiday decorations for next year!

19. Hanger Shelf

For anything you need to organize in the house. 

20. Towel Holder

A good idea for the bathroom. 

Which one is your favourite idea? 

Source: Inspideco · Photo Credit: Inspideco

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