Tips and Tricks : 20 new cooking tips that will help you improve your culinary talent
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20 new cooking tips that will help you improve your culinary talent

Improve your cooking techniques with practical tips!

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Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can't know all the kitchen tricks, and everyone likes to learn new hacks !

That's why we share the 5-minute Crafts video, and we give you the description of the first 10 tips. If you like, you can continue to watch the video tutorial to see the rest of these cooking tips.

And we hope you'll learn new kitchen life hacks ! Enjoy the video !

Here are more than 20 new cooking tips for you :

1) You don't have a corkskrew ? Heat the cork through the bottle of wine with a lighter. The cork will shrink and will go out of the bottle. It's very useful in camping when you have forgotten the corkskrew but you have a lighter for the campfire, right?

2) Crush your hard-boiled eggs with a barbecue grill, and make your deviled eggs faster.

3) Use the whisk of a mixer to remove the flesh of your Kiwis, to make a fruit salad.

4) You can remove the peel from the potatoes with your hands, to do so, you need to cook the potatoes and then soak them in iced water for a few seconds.

5) Use a cookie cutter to remove all corn kernels quickly.

6) Wash the salad in the mesh bags for fruits and vegetables (but wring it out in the sink to avoid wetting everything like in the video).

7) Roll and pierce a lemon with a toothpick. You can keep it longer in your fridge.

8) Add boiling water in a glass for 1 minute. Then place the glass on the hard butter for another 1 minute to soften it.

9) Place a wet paper towel under a cutting board to prevent it from slipping on a countertop.

10) The neck of a beer bottle is equivalent to one portion of spaghetti.

Do you like these kitchen life hacks ? Watch the whole video to discover more cooking tips !

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