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20 people who had a worse day than you.

20 people who had a worse day than you.
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We all have bad days, bad weeks or even year (2020!). Those moments when nothing seems to be going your way and you just feel like going back to bed. 

One of the ways not to get discouraged is to realize that some people's day is going worse than ours. It might be a bit mean to these people, but maybe we can all have a laugh together! 

If you're having a bad day, here's what might be able to help and even put a smile on your face. We are full of empathy for the people who experienced the incidents shown in the following photos, but let's face it we all have had bad days...

1. Members of tactical intervention teams command respect

Almost all the time!

2. A story of disappointment

We hope they had another sandwich left...

3. The downstairs neighbour installed a light fixture

Well done, champ!

4. Ripped jeans are so trendy!

This is a result when you spend a day in the sun...

5. When the driver in front did not properly close the toolbox...


6. Sandwich got stuck in the machine

Bought a juice to knock the sandwich down ... Double bad luck, evil machine!

7. Stuck in the hotel shower for 3 hours

At least he had a towel...

8. When school assigns you a locker with a pole in the middle

Is this a sign to switch schools? 

9. Car accidents are always unfortunate

But ever had one when you carried paint? 

10. Looking forward to dinner and...

This happens!

11. Dropping your phone at the zoo

Let's just buy a new phone...

12. Forgot to close the car window

At a very bad time ...

13. Some people get angry when the cabinet doors are not closed

What about now? 

14. When you try to open the door

We hope that person wasn't on a date!

15. What are the chances in a lifetime

That a porcupine falls directly on our head?

16. When you have a "window" seat

And this is your view... 

17. When the firetruck engine catches fire

Who do we call now?

18. His roommates gave him a ride but he fell asleep in the car

They left with the key and he has a job interview in two hours...

19. Oops!

The parade suddenly got really interesting! 

20. He forgot a little detail...

Will he take a long break?

How was your day?

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Facebook

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