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20 pictures of people that are truly cleaning and organizing freaks!

20 pictures of people that are truly cleaning and organizing freaks!
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A clean house matters more to our minds than you might think and these photos are the proof! 

When we think that tidying up can wait or that cleanliness is more important, that's not really true. These 20 people have embarked on very extensive tidying up operations and the result is quite impressive!

1. The table of an artist making miniature figurines

fishyeye / reddit

2. By storing your plates vertically you won't have to lift them up all the time! 

ethan_mac8 / reddit

3. Konmari method! Tidy closets are a sign of a healthy home!


4. Magnets were used here. 

MarthaFarcuss / reddit

5. These drawers make you want to work! 

littlebutton88 / reddit

6. Even a small pantry can be very tidy. 

cardguy1000 / reddit

7. Everything you need for a tea, organized in one place. 

Tramstorm / reddit

8. Saves so much time finding a pair of socks!

ginasteph / reddit

9. This person is always ready! 

Tstx92 / reddit

10. Use curtain poles to organize the bottom cabinet!

emkay95 / reddit

11. Under the sink is always a mess...not for this person! 

emkay95 / reddit

12. This make me want to cook!

_princess_sparkle / reddit

13. This sewing workshop is colorful and very tidy!

eehttofu / reddit

14. After/Before - what a few boxes can do!

emkay95 / reddit

15. The new art teacher decided to organized everything!

smolgurl93 / reddit

16. Create compartments inside the drawers to prevent them from being cluttered. 

emkie / reddit

17. It turns out that identical hangers make all the difference

beckalani / reddit

18.  T-shirts folded so you can see the front and find what you are looking for without having to unfold them.

oksnariel / reddit

19. Both storage and decoration piece!

samosas_n_mimosas / reddit

20. This kid will be a genius!

Find_ur_Happy / reddit

Would you say you are a clean person? How often do you clean your home?

Source: Cafe Delic · Photo Credit: Reddit

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