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2021 is the year of the Ox! What does it hold in store for us?

2021 is the year of the Ox! What does it hold in store for us?
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The Lunar Chinese New Year takes place on February 12 this year and according to belief 2021 will be marked by the influence of the Metal Buffalo (or Ox).

Will this year of the Ox be better than 2020, which was one of the rat (and COVID!)?

Stéphanie Gelbart is an astrologer and Feng Shui expert who made predictions for the Chinese new year. 

As we all know, 2020 has been chaotic, it was the first of a 12-year cycle (with each year marked by a cycle).

The Ox is associated with the Earth, agriculture, hard work and rigor, conservatism and perseverance.

Oxen are calm, enduring, wise, protective, sure of themselves and patient, but also stubborn, passive, mutic and jealous. Metal, on the other hand, is associated with integrity, sharpness, inflexibility, correctness, tenacity and willpower.

It would influence breathing and lungs and its color is white, like hospital gowns... Does this mean that 2021 will be a copy of 2020… or worse?

According to the astrologer, 2020 has started a new cycle. The past year cleaned all of our systems and prepared the conditions for inner emptiness to find itself back.

2021 will then be a year of construction, which will push humans to build on the unknown, the uncertain ... This imposed slowdown forces us to be patient and to integrate the notion of slowness into our daily life.

People will have to build step by step (sometimes very small steps) and allow themselves to be wrong. 2020 has shown us what we no longer want. 2021 is here to help us define where we want to go, and to accept that it will take time.

This year’s flagship metal will allow us to adjust things. It is the blade that will set limits. You don't have to plan too far, you have to know what you want and accept that you may not get there that easily.

We now know that we must not repeat the past, no longer do things as before.

Our planet does not want us to function as before. This year we must live more in the present moment, change habits, function better and focus on mutual aid and cooperation. We need to be more aware of each other and of our impact on the environment. Even being left behind, confined, now is the time to connect with people who share the values of respecting living beings.

The astrologer says that February and March 2021 ask us to listen to what young people have to say. Young people bring solutions. At the same time, throughout the year, we must remain respectful of the values and traditions transmitted by our elders. This year, the family is in the spotlight, but in the broadest sense. The family made up of people with whom we will create affinities.

We should focus on perseverance and endurance. People will have to be creative enough to persevere and find ground to build together. 2021 will be a year of "happy sobriety", without glitter however. More than ever, we will focus on the basics, saving money and using frugality.

We will connect to the “living”, to the environment, to nature, not just digital. We will give importance to food and what nourishes us in every sense of the word. We will choose better, we will be careful. It is a year of "digestion". People who are in too much of a hurry will find it difficult ...

The metal will mean that we will focus more on protecting our territory than on conquest. Nationalist policies and more conservative energy could gain importance.

But will we see the light at the end of the tunnel this year? April should bring us some hope, but it is next July that we will see promising research and renewal.

2022 will allow us to go further and have a very pleasant year. In 2021, the foundations of the "house" are being laid and we have to make sure that they are solid.

For Chinese astrology, time and space are levers that are used to save and it is up to us to decide and create the ground on which we choose to move forward ...

Are you excited for 2021? How is your year going so far? 

Source: Est Republicain · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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