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24 culinary failures that happened to people who attempted to cook during the quarantine.

24 culinary failures that happened to people who attempted to cook during the quarantine.
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Since the beginning of social isolation and quarantine, social networks have been filled with pictures of cookies, cakes, breads, etc. It is not for nothing that flour and yeast have become rare commodities! It seems like everyone is trying to cook and bake during this difficult time!

But in the midst of all these polished scenes, we find photos that testify to fairly lamentable failures or rather bizarre creations... The photos of these dishes are more rare, but some internet cooks have humor and dare to share the results of their gastronomic attempts. And maybe make you feel better about your own cooking skills! We all make mistakes!

To have a little laugh, take a look at these unique recipes!

1.  We are not sure what is this supposed to be! Do you? 

source: north_london_allotment

 2. This banana bread is looking like Bigfoot's poo-poo…

source: wendybyrdm

3. These were supposed to be lighthouse cookies! We all agree what they really look like!

3. How can one forget flour? Anyhow, this is the result!

4. Expectations VS reality...

source: heidi_montana

5. These cinnamon rolls are trying to escape! 

source: anleduc12

6. Looks like charcoal... 

7. Macarons explosion!

source: roses4shawna

8. This is what happened when you use yeast that expired in 2010. 

source: engtingting

9. He got the inspiration from Pinterest! 

10. At least they tried...

source: Rabbit Carrot

11. This is supposed to be a cute little Bunny! 

source: exzackt

12. Unidentified objects.

13. Is this bunny smoking?... 

source: stefjphall

14. Hmmm... what pet is this? A bunny puppy? 

source: nikki.cooper8

15. Even the dog is not interested! 

source: maiko.the.pug

16.  A cake attempt. 

17.  When the machines let us down. 

18.  You probably could kill someone with this banana bread! 

19. UFO pie

source: kristie walker

20. Ewww, these looks like small ants! 

21. Another attempt at making a cute bunny. Another fail. 

source: therealfoodvibes

22. These cookies are not respecting social distancing! 

Bored Panda

23. Is there a monster in this banana bread?!

source: moominesthers_kitchen

24. During the confinement, this man understood why his wife never baked. 

What have you attempted to cook during the pandemic? Is it going well? You can always support local shops and restaurants instead!

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Ipnoze

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