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25 funny solutions people have found to try to protect themselves from Coronavirus!

25 funny solutions people have found to try to protect themselves from Coronavirus!
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As we go through this terrible crisis due to COVID-19, health experts are warning us to protect ourselves at all costs. But some people took the warning a little too literally. It turns out that some of us would do (or wear) practically nothing to prevent getting the virus! As a result, homemade protective equipment has now expended to... funny and weird gear! 

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the coronapocalyptic look, which is both a fashion statement and a major faux-pas. But the people who wear it don't care. Kitchen sponges, diving masks, and full-length tarpaulin coveralls - you name it, they wear it. Take a look and have a laugh during this tough time. 

1. Knight suits

This is full-protection we hope!

2. Homemade mask

Made from old newspapers and garlic!

3. Another homemade mask

Made with a sanitary pad, we can hope it wasn't used.

4. Plague Doctor 

When you really need to buy beer!

5. Pet protection

We can't forget our little precious pets!

6. Sponge mask

All you need is a sponge and a piece of thread!

7. Protective suit

Is that an inflatable Christmas decoration? 

8. Scuba Mask

But how does he breathe? 

9. Gas Mask

You can try it too, if you can find one!

10. Dog Mask

Reuse your Halloween costume! 

11. Protective suit

This one seems to be made with garbage bags!

12. Keep your distance!

This suit ensure that everyone else respect social distancing. 

13. Plastic bottle

We can't even describe this one!

14. Don't try this one at home

As mask made with a plastic bag! Scary!

15. Protect your head

How did he put his head inside?

16. Onion mask

This one probably smells really bad!

17. Sexy 

You can't still be attractive even in protective gear!

18. Yoda

You don't even need gloves!

19. Protective box

But why did he remove his gloves? 

20. Full-body suit

Just take anything you have at home and make a suit!

21. Colorful protection

Making sure to stay 6-feet away.

22. Another scuba mask

Pretty sure that doesn't work...

23. Travel protection

If you really need to flight, make sure you are protected!

24. Homemade mask

Is that comfortable? 

25. Magic unicorn

Grocery shopping more safely

Please do not try any of these, they are only meant to have a small laugh! Be safe and healthy during this tough time.

Source: Objets de decoration · Photo Credit: Objets de decoration

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