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25 new ways to use everyday objects!

25 new ways to use everyday objects!
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If you watch this video, you will wee how people are resourceful!

We see many tips and tricks on the Internet, but there are still some tips that you don't know yet! Even after years, we are still surprised to discover new tricks!

Add a sheet of fabric softener on a hairbrush for example! If you have hair very very curly and very long hair, this tip is for you! Because the hair will be easier to remove from the hairbrush, and, the fabric softener sheet removes static electricity when you straighten your hair! Because it happens every time we use hair straightener!

But that's not all! Another amazing tip in this video is that of recycling the egg cartons! With some ribbon and a knife, it's easy to make a nice bird feeder. To prevent the rain from damaging the feeder, hang it on the branch of a very leafy tree, so that the branches will protect the feeder from the rain.

Would you like to see other good tips? Watch the short video to discover the 25 ideas of objects used in surprising ways!

And tell us what tips you want to do at home! Leave us your thoughts in the comments of this publication.

Watch this video:

Source: 5Minute.Crafts.Girly · Photo Credit: 5Minute.Crafts.Girly

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