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25 outdoor games to make with objects lying around at home!

25 outdoor games to make with objects lying around at home!
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The weather is getting nicer, the snow has melted, and the confinement caused by the coronavirus is making us running out of patience. This means that we have to play outside and if we are lucky enough to have a private space that promotes social distancing, we can provide our little ones with original and super fun games. These 25 games are super economical and ecological, since you can reuse old objects that would otherwise end up in the trash.

To inspire you, here are some ideas!

With empty cans or paint cans

Everyone throws out cans to the recycling bin every week or stores almost empty paint cans that are dying uselessly in the back of the garage. Here's how to use them in a fun way!

- A musical chime

- A shooting game

- A new kind of slingshot.

- stilts


With plastic bottles or containers

It's easy to stack empty bottles or plastic containers. Give them a new life  like this:

- A water fountain

- A ring throwing game

- A game of basket ball launcher

- Boats for the pool

- A water game


With old boards

After a small renovation project, you might have wooden planks. Here are ideas for using these surpluses in a fun way!

- A circuit to get the kids moving.

- A game of fine motor skills, with a board and bolts.

- A wooden beam to work on agility

- Bowling alley


With concrete slabs

Tiles hang around your place? Here are ways to finally use them:

- A hopscotch game.

- A race track or a layout for small cars.


With old tires

Here is a robust and cozy material, which allows you to have fun without hurting yourself!

We can do:

- An animal to ride

- A horizontal swing

- A hanging swing


With pool noodles

Pool noodles are versatile and colorful, as well as being eco-friendly.

They can be used to do:

- A running track

- A water game to cool off

- Obstacles for a race course

- Protection for the trampoline.


With kitchen items

During your spring cleaning, did you decide to lighten your kitchen and get rid of certain utensils?

See how you can reuse them:

- A toy kitchenette

- A music corner.


With pallet wood and other recycled materials

If you have accumulated a lot of wood and various articles, you can create a little cute cabin. It’s always a winner!


Source: Eco Peinture · Photo Credit: Eco Peinture

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