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3 creative methods to wrap your gifts

3 creative methods to wrap your gifts
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Most people will just wrap the gifts in colored wrapping paper and put a bow on top. But as 99.9% of people do so, no gift stands out from the other.

Would you like to learn how to wrap your gifts so that they are beautiful and original? You can practice until Christmas. Just collect a few boxes of different shapes and sizes and use recovered paper to wrap them. Once you have gained some experience, you can change the paper and choose your wrapping paper. Because it is thinner, you will have to be a little more careful when you handle it. You could easily damage it when folding the corners.

You will need :

- A box to the right size for your gift

- Tissue paper

- Wrapping paper

- Adhesive tape

-Decorative Washi Tape

- Green and yellow embroidery thread

- Artificial fir branch

- Small pine cones

- Small decorative Christmas bells, or red berries

- Red and white twine

- Scissors

How to do :

1) First, you need to find a box at the right size for your gift

2) Fold a piece of tissue paper in half, the same width as the box.

3) Place this piece of tissue paper in the box

4) Add the gift and 'close' the piece of tissue paper over the gift

5) Cut the excess paper, but do not throw it away, keep it to secure the gift inside the box, crumple the tissue paper

6) Now, close the box and place it upside down on a large piece of wrapping paper

7) Fold the right side of the paper over the top of the box.

8) Secure the paper with tape and push the box tight against the paper

9) Fold the right side over the left side and secure with tape, you will have a clean edge.

10) For the sides, fold the paper before taping it. Perfectly folded paper will make all the difference (watch the video for folding details)

11) Now watch the video and discover 3 new ideas to wrap your gifts!

See all the details in the following video :

Source : Hometalk Facebook video

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Source: Hometalk · Photo Credit: Hometalk

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