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3 effective methods to whiten your pillows

3 effective methods to whiten your pillows
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Over time, white pillows turn yellow and dull. But do not throw them away !

Here are 3 ways to clean them and give them back their whiteness of yesteryear.

Method #1

1. Check if the pillows are machine washable.

2. Fill the washer drum 1/3 full with hot water.

3. Add a cup of powdered laundry, a cup of bleach and a cup of soda crystals.

4. Run the machine for 3 minutes, choosing the hottest setting to dissolve and mix the products.

5. Stop the machine and put two pillows in it to balance.

6. Close and continue washing. At half cycle, turn over the pillows.

(If necessary, start a second rinse cycle)

7. Dry the pillows in the open air or tumble dry at a low temperature setting

With a front opening machine, put the detergent and bleach into the corresponding recipients and soda crystals in the drum with the pillows and start the hottest wash cycle.

source: Adobe Stock

Method # 2

If you have a pillow that cannot go in the washing machine, like a down pillow, try this:

1 Put the pillow in the sun for 3 to 5 hours.

2. Mix 2 parts water with 1 part bleach.

3. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

4. Spray all over the pillow and rub the stains with an old clean toothbrush.

5. Allow to air dry.

source: Pixabay

Method #3

For microfiber and memory foam pillows

1 Place the pillow in a large plastic container.

2. Pour warm water over it.

3. Add a pod of OxyClean powder detergent and immerse the pillow in soapy water.

4. Soak for 30 minutes.

5. Spin well and dry in the sun.

Thanks to these methods, your pillows will be like new, without spots and without mites. All that's left to do is fall into a deep sleep ! It's pretty awesome, don't you think ? Sweet dreams...

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