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3 natural lip balms to heal your dry lips

3 natural lip balms to heal your dry lips
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After a hard, long and cold winter we often have dry lips.

There is a lack of vitamins and it's time to take care of your lips.

Here are 3 methods that will help you get beautiful soft and luscious lips in a short time and they cost almost nothing.

Natural remedies and that contain good vitamins.

A lip balm with honey.

One with almonds and another one with coconut.

Three precious ingredients in beauty treatments.

For the lip balm with honey:

You will need:

- Honey (organic if possible)

- Water

How to do:

1) Apply honey on the lips before going to sleep

2) Try not to touch your lips and don't eat the honey

3) When you wake up, rinse your lips with lukewarm water

4) Apply honey to the lips as many times as you want during the day to moisturize your lips

5) Also repeat every night before going to bed


2nd lip balm:

For the almond lip balm:

You will need:

- Almond powder

- Almond oil

How to do:

1) Apply the almond powder on the wet lips to make a scrub (the scrub will remove all the dead skin on the dried lips)

2) Gently rub the almond powder on the lips to remove all dead skin

3) Rinse the lips with lukewarm water

4) Apply 2 or 3 drops of sweet almond oil on the lips

5) Repeat as often as possible until you have soft lips


3rd lip balm:

For the coconut lip balm:

Last but not least, it's a lip scrub made with only two ingredients.

But the results are incredible!

You will need:

- Coconut oil

- Sugar

How to do:

1) Use an old toothbrush to remove all dead skin on your lips.

2) Apply coconut oil on your lips. Coconut oil has a solid consistency that liquefies with the warmth of our fingers. It will become an oil on your lips

3) Then apply sugar on your lips and gently massage them

4) Let sit for ten minutes

5) Rinse with water

6) Just apply coconut oil on your lips again to soften them

7) Repeat every day until you have the lips you want


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