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30 days plan to clear your house and your life by doing a little bit every day!

30 days plan to clear your house and your life by doing a little bit every day!
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Spending most of days at home, you probably are starting to go nuts! And that is normal. If you do not know what to do anymore, try this 20 days challenge to clear your house  and your life in the same time!

Sometimes we are not aware of the congestion and excess of items that we have at home. The junk drawers, the T-shirts you don't wear... it all overloads the house and creates clutter! This is why we invite you to try this method inspired by minimalism which allows you to declutter your house and your life in 30 days!

It works like a challenge made up of 30 steps, with each day is an easy step to achieve in order to manage to sort through your items and your life. However, you can take more time if necessary to complete each step! 

It is recommended to start your decluttering by category.

• First: Clothing & accessories

- Day 1: Start by decluttering accessories such as handbags, purses and wallets. Sort them but keep only what is necessary. Rearrange them if needed, so it makes it easier to find your stuff when you need it. 

- Day 2: Clean your wardrobe by sorting according to the type of clothing (t-shirts, dresses, pants...). Keep only the items that you wear regularly and get rid of the ones you no longer wear or the damaged ones! 

- Day 3: Go through your underwear, socks, tights and get rid anything that has holes, is old or mismatched.

- Day 4: Now the shoes; donate or get rid of shoes you no longer wear because they are too small, uncomfortable or simply too worn out 

- Day 5: Sort your beauty products and keep only those you really like and which are not out of date! 

- Day 6: To finish with the clothing, take a look at your accessories and get rid of items such as mismatched earrings, broken watches and glasses. You will never wear them again!

• Second : Office space

- Day 7: Go through all your magazines and user manuals in paper form. These might overload your house! You can find everything on internet these days.

- Day 8: Do you keep school books and notebooks from when you graduated? You can give away these that you consider useless or that you no longer use. 

- Day 9: What about CDs and DVDs? You still listen and watch them? If not: give them away! They take up space for no reason. As for books, you can always head to the local library to borrow them.

- Day 10: Get rid of your old electronic items that do not work or are no longer used (old phones, cables…).

- Day 11: Sort your receipts, invoices and documents and leave only those you need. Organize your papers by category for easier access!

- Day 12: Throw away the pens, markers or other office supplies that do not work!

• Third : Housework

- Day 13: Remove the over-used towels, sheets and covers from your wardrobe. Throw away one part and use the other as towels! 

- Day 14: Sort your cleaning products and keep only those that you use regularly and like. You can further narrow the list of products by using baking soda, white vinegar and castile soap for cleaning. That is really all you need!

- Day 15: Sort out your knick·knack drawer, keep the items you use and throw away the rest.

- Day 16: Clear the shelves and counters by getting rid of the objects that are useless and leave only the decorative objects you really like.

- Day 17: Get rid of furniture that is too old, broken or that you don't like anymore in order to have a bigger living space.

• Fourth : Kitchen

- Day 18: Empty your fridge and freezer and throw away expired, old products and those that you don't like to consume to make more room.

- Day 19: Check the expiry date of the products in your pantry and organize them in jars to see them better. This can also be applied for the medicine box.

- Day 20: Throw away the plastic Tupperware boxes that are broken, smelly, or without a lid and give your excess cutlery to a thrift store.

• Fifth:  Smartphone and laptop

- Day 21: Delete the applications you no longer use on your smartphone.

- Day 22: Unclutter your phone by erasing unnecessary photos, videos and messages and saving the ones you want to keep.

- Day 23: Move the emails you don't need to the trash and keep the important ones in your mailbox.

- Day 24: Unsubscribe from newsletters that are no longer useful to you.

• Sixth: Personal and other items

- Day 25: Sort your photos in paper and / or digital version and delete duplicates, blurry photos or unwanted pictures. 

- Day 26: Declutter your leisure supplies by throwing away objects that no longer use or are too worn out.

- Day 27: Sort your gifts and your memories and leave only those which inspire you a feeling of well-being.

- Day 28: Go through your holiday decorations and throw away the ones you don't use and the ones that are broken.

- Day 29: Dispose of the objects which you do not need and which are in the glove compartment or in the trunk of your car.

- Day 30: Clear your head and organize a relaxing day at home! You deserved it after 30 days of decluttering!

Now that you have tried this method, you can apply it in other parts of the house such as the garage or attic or just in your daily life. Decluttering your life will only simplify it!

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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