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30 mother-daughter tattoos that symbolize eternal love.

30 mother-daughter tattoos that symbolize eternal love.
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The bond between a daughter and her mother can be extremely strong. When the little girl grows up, two women can become the best friends in the universe, forever. Their love is strong and unconditional.

This is why some mother-daughter duos wish to symbolically mark their bond by getting tattoos that are identical or that match each other for eternity.

Sisters or best friends can also be inspired by some of these creations. 

If you're thinking about making an appointment with a tattoo artist, here are some mother daughter tattoos that are likely to inspire you!

1. Matching hearts

The heart is the symbol of love and you can add ornaments to it, depending on our inspiration and personality.

Source: Instagram / Mzcarriebaby77

2. Cute elephants

A playful tattoo, which shows the sweet love that a mother and daughter can share. 

Source: Instagram / Tattoosandpiercings_by_dustin

3. Beautiful flowers

A "mother" flower and a "daughter" flower. Two different shades, but they go well together. Like the mother and daughter personalities!

Source: Instagram / Vapor_trails_tattoo

4. A positive reminder

Mother and daughter can often support and motivate each other. A word that will remind them to keep the motivation to go through life's challenges and that evokes the fact that they will always be there for each other, what a great idea! It’s simple, but precious.

Source: Instagram / Kmdoogs

5. Winnie and Piglet

Mother and daughters must have watched a lot of cartoons together in the olden days. And to represent their very special friendship, what better than two famous and cute friends?

Source: Instagram / Tattoosandpiercings_by_dustin

6. Books

Books also represent their shared history, the pages they fill together, even after childhood ...

Source: Instagram / Chellejoy89

7. Hibiscus

In some cultures, the hibiscus represents a perfect woman. This is probably how this mother and her daughter see each other!

Source: Instagram / Leilani_lynne_tattoo

8. A rose and its thorns

The thorns of a rose can hurt you, but you should never let go. This is exactly what mothers do with their daughters.

Source: Instagram / Davidwandstattoo

9. Bicycles

A mother and her daughter are alike while having their own unique personality. They can take the same route, in their own way. 

Source: Instagram / Likelydisaster

10. A beautiful affirmation

"I believe in you" / "I believe in you too". That says it all! And the semicolon in the heart, what a great idea!

Source: Instagram / Serenityacrylicpour

11. A moon and its stars

A mother would get the moon for her daughter. And her daughter would do anything to put stars in her mom's eyes.

Source: Instagram / Lariblutattoo

12. Simplicity

To show love for each other, you don't have to be frills. “Her mother” and “Her daughter”, that says it all.

Source: Instagram / Tarrynmccarthy

13. An important message

When they feel alone, mother and daughter will remember that they will always be friends.

Source: Instagram / Redkitten

14. Elephants

Mother elephants are caring and loving. Plus, these animals never forget. A beautiful image for a joint tattoo.

Source: Instagram / Moesartt

15. Mom cat and daughter

For a mother, her daughter will always be an adorable little kitty.

Source: Instagram / Base_illusion

16. A small heart

This is the finger that best friends cross to make a wish. A beautiful way of expressing discreetly but sincerely, the unfailing bond that exists between a mother and her daughter.

Source: Instagram / 13kdk13

17. Owls

The owl is a symbol of wisdom.

Girls rely on their mothers for wise advice and turn to them whenever life puts them in uncomfortable situations.

Source: Instagram / Ernie_norris_art

18. A first tattoo as a sign of support

This girl got her first tattoo and her mother disagreed. But then, she got the same one as a sign of indestructible support.

Source: Instagram / Shelbaebae97

19. A message of love

"I love you" and "I love you more" handwritten by mother and daughter. A good idea!

Source: Instagram / Triciaisamermaid

20. Birds

All the girls in the family have the same tattoo as the mom who saw them leave the nest. Except that mom displays it on another part of the body.

Source: Instagram / Nikki8run4

21. A butterfly

Mother and daughter share the same butterfly and can merge it whenever they want.

Source: Instagram / Tianna.nickel

22. Mother and daughter 

These tattoos are a great reminder to always remain rooted and anchored. No matter where life takes you, always look at where you started and the people who believed in you.

Source: Instagram / Johnislandink

23. Matchstick characters

These tattoos represent a mother’s bond with her daughter. Whatever their distance, they will stay connected!

Source: Instagram / Andcolette1

24. Connected birds

The life of a mother is linked to the life of her daughter. This tattoo perfectly symbolizes that.

Source: Instagram / Bravesoulstudiosaj

25. Three generations

The grandmother, daughter and granddaughter have almost the same tattoo. Even though the basic idea is the same, they have managed to make each tattoo unique. The designs correspond to the different generations they represent.

Source: Instagram / Photographybyallisonscherrer

26. Hummingbird 

The red string this hummingbird wears represents the love of a mother. He goes wherever his daughter goes.

Source: Instagram / Javierstmz

27. A sentence for two

If you watched Gilmore Girls, you will find these familiar lines. It has become the hymn of so many mothers and daughters.

Source: Instagram /

28. The infinity symbol

Nothing represents the love of a daughter and her mother better than infinity. Here, we added a touch of originality.

Source: Instagram / Manda_berend

29. A stylized flower

For a stylish mother and daughter!

Source: Instagram / Laliberte_art_tattoo

30. Fingerprints

These are probably the most unique tattoos you can have. After all, no one else can use your exact fingerprints.

Source: Instagram / Seanmillertattoos


Which one is your favourite? 

Source: Shareably · Photo Credit: Instagram

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